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There’re no more genuine native doctors, pastors – Onyeachonam



Igwe Onyeachonam Ofor Mba, also known as Igwe Alusi Ndi Isi Ojii Nine, Nwa Odibo ọfụụ nke Ogbugbandu ọfụụ nke Chukwu among other names is a traditional medicine practitioner and native doctor from Amajana Okpobili, Nando, Anambra East Local Government Area, Anambra State. In this interview with NKECHI IKENWOKE, he stressed the need for people to practice their tradition, stating that there are series of misfortunes that demand to be solved traditionally to reduce deaths and problems in the society. Excerpts:

HOW did you start this profession to become a native doctor?

  Tradition is in my lineage. It has been in our blood for many years. I also met my father doing it when he was alive. He did not learn it from an outsider. The same thing is applicable to me today. My father himself did not teach me to do it. It is hereditary in my family.

Are there similarities between traditional and Christian religion?

  Tradition and Christianity are not the same at all. There are countries whose religion is Christianity. The tradition I practice today is my own way of worshipping God. I see it as a way to pray and worship.

  When people were not yet converted into Christianity, there was no bribe and corruption. There was no killing as it is today. I met my grandfather before he died at 105yrs on February 24, 1979. I knew him very well and he told me about a story between him and a lawyer that came to see him for a native work then who told him in the process that courts have agreed to stop keeping shrines while passing judgments.

According to the lawyer, my father said, “we lawyers have held a national meeting and agreed to end keeping shrine in the court. Henceforth, we cannot continue to school abroad in order to practice our profession right here in our home but will die after passing judgments”.

  This action brought about bribe and corruption among men and women who prefers to die in the pit of their lies than to say the truth. It has turned Christianity into a way of making money than doing the right thing in the church.

  The rate at which people are dying today is alarming; do you think that some of the deaths are done in the spiritual world against one another?

The truth is that our people have refused to practice our tradition even when we are called to do it. Like in the olden days when there was very little death rate, population of people were not mush as it is today. For instance, then, when you come to Nando, you will see very few people that made up the town and of course, the problems we have among each other was not existing.

Therefore, since there has been serious increase in population of people, there is increase in death rate among them. But what matters most is how the person died or was killed. Some deaths may be due to unrighteousness before God, disobedience to follow the ways of our fathers.

  Many people have denounced their “Chi” through which they reincarnated. They don’t want to know where their “Chi” are. There are series of misfortunes that demand to be solved traditionally by people but they think it can only be achieved in the church. Many of them always come to seek for traditional work by native doctors because they are already aware that it is the way through which their problems can be solved.

How can someone know his or her ‘Chi’?

  To know your ‘Chi’ is to follow the footsteps of your forefathers “maka na ebe amụrụ onye ka amụrụ ọgbọya”. When you follow the footprints of your forefathers, you will find your ‘Chi’ but when you fail to follow their way of tradition, you will not know your ‘Chi’.

What do you think makes people in this profession both pastors and native doctors to be fake?

  It is important to know that there are numerous fake pastors and native doctors including myself due to one’s personal interest of becoming wealthy in life in the world today. I am among the bribed and corrupted native doctors because nobody among us stands by truth. As a matter of fact, I am among the top native doctors in Igbo land today and there is no other native doctor I will ever respect in terms of seniority in the profession. That is to tell you that I also want to be rich like others who have build many houses, schools, hotels, purchase cars, own many landed properties and so on. Most of them are people that I trained but they have grown bigger today.

  There is need to avoid excess interest of material things among people so as to restore the dignity of their profession. Nobody says and stands by the truth because of the money he may be offered. Every solution to a problem is about knowing the truth but nobody cares to say the truth thereby doing all manner of evil to solve a problem. Therefore, there are no more genuine native doctors and pastors including prophets as a result of material things.

  How can people who practice this profession avoid bribe and corruption and become genuine?

  To be a good or bad person is always from the lineage of individuals. It’s not something native or church can solve. What causes some problems we are facing today is as a result of bad blood during child birth.

  During the time of our forefathers, before they get married, their parents will go and investigate, particularly in a native way concerning the family they want to marry their daughter. That gave them the opportunity to inquire about the lineage of the family; to know if they can bear children or have bad blood, die untimely and so many related issues attached to it.

  But today, nobody cares to do it which causes high rate of criminality, killings and corruption among people. That is why many families are facing similar problems in their homes because they have mixed up with bad blood during marriage.

  I want to also use this opportunity to urge you pressmen to always report what is going wrong in our society irrespective of the political level of any individual. Because what is causing the high rate of killings today is the truth we fail to say and at times, the truth we said that our enemies used against us. Most times, the crimes one committed leads to his or her death. Therefore, all these should be reported. Let us call a spade a spade. Thank you.

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