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Okpala-Nnewi marks Ilomuo



OKPALA-Nnewi, Chiagozie Osunkwo, also known as Aka-ji-ofor Nnewi recently marked Ilommuo festival.

  The festival is a special day in remembrance of their forefathers for all the vital roles of disciple and responsibilities that have preserved and protected them.

  Okpala Nnewi, welcomed all the family members, relatives and friends with a lot food and drinks and explained that Ilommuo is the remembrance of forefathers and fathers just like All Saints Day, adding that it is a significant traditional and cultural inheritance solely hosted by only Okpala-Nnewi as the aka ji ofo Nnewi in-charge of the leadership mantle.

  He said it was a day of prayers where all those relatives, biological, inlaws came with their items such as cows, goats, yams, cooked and uncooked food items to the okpala Nnewi palace for thanksgiving adding that the celebration of Ilommuo boosts integrity and protects, adding that it is not a borrowed tradition from the western world.

 While reckoning on good life and peaceful coexistence of Nnewi people, we cherish and welcome Ilommuo and the result is the large turnout of people that have travelled from other states and countries to witness this great event. That is the reason people sponsored it like Chief Ugochukwu Enemchukwu from Columbia, Mazi Izuchukwu F. Okoli from America and Mazi  Chinedu Asomugha from Lagos”.

  While speaking to the press Osunkwo Ugochukwu Oluchi, first son of Okpala-Nnewi said that Ilo-mmuo was an important celebration because it has been in existence and “I was born to witness it. It is good to respect and regard customs and tradition of the town and villages irrespective of one’s believe and religion. If there is a custom that binds us together and detests wickedness, irresponsible life such as robbery, prostitution, murder, cultism, rape, drug addicts, then I am of the opinion that it is worthy to exist. Biblically speaking, we were charged to respect our parents, so to get their blessings and live long , “honour your parents for your days to be long on earth…”

An elderly man, ex-commandant Nnodu Onyeka of the neighbourhood watch of Umudim Central said that Okpala Nnewi was his uncle and that  he came to celebrate  Ilommuo.

“So today is a special day when we joyfully thank our forefathers and fathers for doing good and upright. So we are not ashamed to thank them as we will be witnessing cultural groups of traditional dances, masquerades, Ijele, Obiagu, Ajaofia, Agaba. This is a culture that makes Nnewi people to be responsible and not to have a bad name for your generation.

Also, Nonso Ifionu said that no one would like to be associated with a bad name, “so our forefathers and fathers have given us a clue to work on and preserve our good lineage. So annually, we all return to celebrate Ilommuo. It is a tradition that has no comparison… “

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