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Anambra legislators pass Anti-Grazing Bill into law



A BILL for a law to prohibit and abolish open and normadic cattle and other livestock grazing and rearing in Anambra State,  establish cattle and other livestock ranches in the state has been passed by Anambra State House of Assembly.

  The bill provides that a person or group of persons shall not, after the commencement of this law, engage in open nomadic livestock herding or grazing in any part of the state whether day or night outside the permitted ranches.

  The bill made it clear that any person or group persons who contravenes sub-section one of this section commits an offence and shall, on summary conviction, be liable to two years imprisonment or N250,000 fine or both.

  Where such contravention causes damage to farm, crops or property of any person, the owner or manager of such livestock shall after evaluation of the damage by the management committee, pay the current monetary value of the farm crops or property damaged to the owner.

  It further outlined procedure for establishment of a ranch, ownership of ranch by indigenes, status and revocation of lease and ranching permit, establishment of livestock special task force, establishment and membership of the local government advisory committee, amongst others.

  Speaker Uche Okafor commended the House for painstakingly passing the bill and read out the bill for passage, while the lawmakers supported it through a voice vote.

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