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Commending Obiano’s response to AGF’s vitriolic act



THE headline, ‘That’s Mr President for you, is the mind of the Governor of Anambra State, Chief Dr. Willie Maduaburochukwu  Obiano, expressed in good faith as he parried and answered questions from Aso Rock  News Crew  after winning a major battle which was set to collapse the political and economic structure of the state through heinous  contrivance, contrived to institute instant state of emergency in the  state.

President Mohammadu Buhari, in distancing the Presidency from the Attorney General of the Federation(AGF)’s vitriolic act, for the purpose which is a consequence of the governor’s prompt response, the gambit became neutralised; thus a bad outing for AGF.

  By now, the futility of hitting up the polity through the imminence of a state of emergency in Anambra state must have dawned on the likes of the Federal Attorney-General and Minister of Justice as a wild goose chase.

To the best of knowledge, Anambra State has not lost grip of its leading position as the most peaceful, crime and violent free state in the whole of Nigeria, even when other states still battle to reach at least a quarter ratio of the peaceful and conducive political, socio-economic and business environment that exist in the state . And this stability is running close to eight years, with only four months left for a glorious end of Obiano’s two terms as governor which began on March 17, 2014.

  How then can Anambra State with this intimidating height of zero crime rating be singled out for a short change in the guise of a state of emergency? Obviously, it exists only in the imagination of the blurred eye-sight of the treacherous dreamers which is ominous sign of a situation that can hardly attract the sympathy of wide-eyed persons to their whims and caprices.

  The present state of anarchy and confusion that dot the landscape of the nationhood of Nigeria should be a clarion call for sober examination with a view to finding a new methodology of tackling the canker-worms headlong. For a start, the political class, leaders and commentators should eschew themselves from undertaking supercilious, suspicious and belligerent position or steps akin to ego-centric behaviours.

  Wiston Churchill, war time British Prime Minister saw egotism as condemnable  in all ramifications ,but quickly, he added that the ego of a statesman or leader for that matter can be ignored, tolerated and forgiven only where he has addressed and solved the problem in a society for public good.

  In the light of the foregoing, what does the attorney general want to capture with his vitriolic outburst of an imminent state of emergency in a polity already warming up for an important but free and fair gubernatorial election on November 6, less than four weeks if not a ploy to hoodwink the presidency to use state apparatus to achieve obnoxious tendency?

  Chinua Achebe is eminently right in pin -pointing leadership as the bane of Nigeria, whence the astronomic rise in anarchy, agitation of heinous nature including crime and marginalisation simply because conducive atmosphere lacked for the selection of high profile competence and integrity people to supervise the affairs of the nation at the various tiers.

 Most surprising is the existence of pull-down syndrome currently gaining ground against desirous  and indeed any performing leader or governor who have improved the welfare of the people beyond expectation of shenanigans  through massive network of social infrastructure ranging from zero security architecture, promotion of both public and private sectors’ consciousness , established visible road ,hospital, education, agriculture services.

  It is not surprising that Anambra State Government is billed to be a victim of their pull down gang up operating with devious ferocity and cleverness but for the timely pull of His Excellency, Chief  Obiano, the story would have been catastrophic.

  The research work of Immanuel Kant, a philosopher and scientist observed that, only a few have pursued a firm path and have succeeded from escaping from immaturity. Nigeria’s deadly problem, no doubt, stems from procrastination which propels failure against the action of courage which leads to triumph in the midst of contradictions, challenges and confrontations.

  From time, it is a common knowledge by the people that Obiano is typical of a governor that possess Midas touch, active mind and courage of an extra-ordinary background, and cannot chicken out of an intimidating threat to his life, government and people capable of erasing the lofty dreams his government has been able to achieve.

   What cannot be treated in isolation is the demeanour Governor Obiano displayed on the  television screens as he parried and answered barrages of questions from newsmen and in the final instance emphasised ;” That’s  Mr President for you ”. Analytical commentators view the statement as an aphorism of satisfaction, happiness and a successful outing all-in return to the equally candid response of firmness, cool headedness and politeness showcased by the president’s assurance and reassurance that no state of emergency is in the offing and cannot be.

 While this is the case, there is need to put into the picture the fuselage of reactions across the length and breadth of Nigeria, including the well informed such as Senor Advocates, traditional rulers of Anambra State, Ohanaeze, ASATU, human rights, Holy Trinity Primary School, Onitsha Alma Mater, along with the prompt reaction of the governor and the president, who distanced his government from the hindsight of the AGF, Malami, all played the great role to stifle his swelling super ego. The president’s action showed that the Minister of Justice and the Attorney- General was on his own, which is a bad outing for him along with his hijack group, still unknown.

  It is apt to conclude that the instant reaction by Governor Obiano, typical of his nature as he once more avoided procrastination, which is the bane of Nigeria’s woes to secure the state.

 Okonkwo wrote from Onitsha

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