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Humans enjoyed blue cheese, beer 2,700 years ago – Study



 BEER and cheese go hand in hand — but reveals how deep their roots run in Europe, where workers at a salt mine in Austria were gorging on both up to 2,700 years ago.

  A new study published yesterday in Eurac Research Institute in Bolzano, Italy’s Journal Current Biology said scientists made the discovery by analysing samples of human excrement.

  According to one of the researchers, Frank Maixner, he was surprised to learn that salt miners more than two millennia ago were advanced enough to “use fermentation intentionally.”

  “This is very sophisticated in my opinion. This is something I did not expect at that time,” Maixner said.

The finding is the earliest evidence to date of cheese ripening in Europe, according to the researchers.

  And while alcohol consumption is certainly well documented in older writings and archaeological evidence, the salt miners’ feces contained the first molecular evidence of beer consumption on the continent at that time.

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