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Like Obiano, Soludo’ll reposition Anambra – Okeke



Onyebuchi Okeke is an All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) Chieftain, and an Awka-based business executive. In this dialogue, he outlined reasons why APGA will win convincingly in the forth-coming governorship election, highlighting those exploits of the present Obiano-led APGA government that stand it on a better stead for APGA to sweep the polls. He spoke to RAY UDEAGBARA. Excerpts:

 On those exploits of the current APGA-led administration that have so endeared it to ndi Anambra

   With what is on ground now in Anambra State in terms of socio-economic and infrastructural development, ndi Anambra are poised to vote massively for the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA). This is a party which, under the leadership of Governor Willie Obiano has turned around the economic fortunes of the state.

Right from its inception on March 17, 2014, we’ve seen unprecedented, in fact, uncommon transformation in all sectors of the economy – in education, agriculture, trade and industrialization, housing, security, tourism and environment, oil and gas and even in security. Businessmen and women here also have witnessed great improvement in the ease of doing business.

As has been often said, the general insecurity in the country shouldn’t brush aside the fact that Anambra has been secured since the APGA government under Governor Obiano came on board.

It’s pertinent here to lay emphasis on enormous achievements of this administration than those of individuals, though when talking of these achievements, mention must be made of Governor Obiano who is at the helm of affairs. No onye Anambra, whether educated or not does not benefit from the great results of Anambra education policy.

Everyone is aware of the plethora of laurels the state has gained from this all important sector- the feats achieved by our students during the technovation challenge in U.S.A, in international quiz competition and debates in Singapore, and in national competitions in Abuja, the capital, where our students have won Presidential trophies and our teachers came tops in various competitions.

Today, the best teachers in the country are from Anambra State. Of course  exceptional performances of our students in WAEC, GCE, NABTEB are well known to everyone and other specific achievements in this education tell more on how serious this APGA led government is in matters relating to education. Anambra State student broke JAMB’s 42 year-old record of 365 out of 400.

Our student won first position in the 2019 Young Nigerian Science and Technology President Award Competition. Anambra student came second in the 2020 Science School Competition, and our student also scored the second highest result in the 2020 JAMB University Entrance Exam. Our man, Prof. Charles Egbu is the first black African to become the Vice Chancellor of a British University.

The present APGA government believes that quality education provides windows of opportunities for Anambra children and the youth. Our schools and our citizens are acclaimed the best as a result of government’s robust policies to position this all important sector on the right track.

The progress of any administration is measured by the quality of its sectors and the people’s welfare. Here in Anambra State, the citizenry and indeed, the entire Nigeria and the world at large have scored Anambra highly in this sector. Anambra believes that a change of APGA-led administration’ll surely pose a problem in this critical sector.

In the agric sector, the governor’s giant strides are well known. Under the present APGA government, the state agricultural products- yams, vegetables, etc have been exported to many countries. Here in the state, food security is assured no matter how serious things are now in this country.

Many multi-national agro companies, COSCHARIS, STINE INDUSTRIES, Belfarm, EXCEL Farms, NOVTEC Farms, Mass DEVAM, Joseph Agro Industries, LYNDEN, Tricity Integrated and many more are operating in Anambra State under Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement with the Obiano-led APGA government and the robust intervention of ANSIPPA. It’s the bold and sound policies of this administration that make this progress possible.

In oil and gas, the government has achieved a master stroke, made Anambra an oil producing state. The benefits of this singular achievement are well known to everyone. The same progress is seen in other sectors like the health sector, industrialisation and commerce where ASBA is on hand, granting soft repayable loans to entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

No right thinking onye Anambra will see these exploits of the present APGA-led government and think of voting for another party which he’s not sure what it is up to. Good government is also measured by the integrity of the leader. Here in the state, the leadership of Governor Obiano is exceptional and its good qualities are noticeable in all the nooks and crannies of the state.

The man himself is industrious, ingenious, selfless and assiduous in tackling the problems facing this government. His proactive measures in dealing with issues are contributing to the success of his administration and his open door policy creates the avenue for quality inputs from his lieutenants.

His right choice of candidates when making appointments to positions of authority is another plus to this administration. Here in Anambra, members of his team work conscientiously with one goal- to make Anambra better. But he doesn’t cherish “nonsense”. I’ve known a few commissioners and political appointees who’ve been shown the way out.

He believes in inclusive governance and’ll leave no stone unturned to achieve results. That’s perhaps why he secured 21/21 in the last governorship election and you’ll not be surprised to see same result for APGA after November 6 election no matter how noisy other contenders are during their campaigns.

This administration has laid solid foundation for the in-coming one to stand on. Consistency in policy formulation and coordination is the catalyst for economic growth.

The present administration understands the need to ensure the welfare of the people, and that peace and stable environment are vital for development. Despite a few security challenges, Anambra remains the safest state in the country.

 In all aspects of governance, the present Obiano APGA-led administration has done well with meager resources and prudence in management. Governor Obiano has said it time without number that Prof. Chukwuma Soludo will even do better than him as the governor of Anambra State.

What this implies is that a vote for Prof. Soludo and therefore, for another APGA-led government is a vote for continuity, good governance and more infrastructural development and democracy dividends.

On Soludo’s competence to serve Anambra

The man in question is an academic, a professor and one time governor of the nation’s apex bank, the Central Bank of Nigeria. This explanation is crucial because propagandists may misinform the masses into believing that the APGA flag bearer is “a nobody”.

He’s a strong, energetic and vibrant young man who has all it takes to develop Anambra, move her out of poverty, provide thousands of jobs to our jobless youths, better manage the state’s meager resources and use his national and international connections to reposition the state. He’ll bring his wealth of experience to tackle any problems our state has and find lasting solutions to them.

 The mammoth crowds seen at his campaign rallies tell the whole story; story of joy from ndi Anambra, of his acceptance from the masses, story of hope and confidence in the incoming APGA administration and these mammoth crowds will spur him to work harder.

His governorship style’ll restore people’s confidence in government. You are aware that a coalition of 50 political parties in Anambra State, under their co-ordinator, Chief Kenneth Okonkwo recently endorsed Prof. Soludo, the APGA candidate.

This endorsement clearly shows that he will be victorious at the polls and gain entry to the Anambra Government House after taking oat of office on May 29, 2022. There’s no gain saying the fact that some desperate politicians are bent on rigging the election even with electronic voting but be rest assured that we in APGA are ready, fully prepared to foil, twart any rigging arrangemen;t we’re quite ready. Ndi Anambra, as I can see are equally ready to protect their votes.

APGA national leader, BOT Chairman and governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano has worked hard, tirelessly to put our state in the map of oil producing states in the country and it’ll be shameful for ndi Anambra to allow revenue accruable for this venture to be wasted in the name of quest for leadership. So a competent hand, sound mind must succeed Governor Obiano to ensure efficient management of our resources and quality service delivery in all aspects of governance.

Anambra State is so advanced in governance with quality infrastructure, legacy projects and good welfare that no one would want to see all these projects that have placed our state on a better stead with full recognition among the comity of Nigeria’s 36 states be relegated to the background.

Already, indications have emerged that APGA candidate in this year’s November 6 governorship election in the state, Prof. Soludo has good chances of victory on the basis of popularity and competence. A survey conducted by Polls Serch Inc. based in UK in collaboration with Anambra Association of Good Governance (ASGG), an independent non-profit group gave this verdict.

The survey, which covered 10,000 likely voters in the state was conducted between March 23 and August 10, this year by a combination of telephone calls and direct interviews cutting across different social classes and spread across the entire 21 LGAs.

Information on the respondents’ professional and educational background age, sex and likely political affiliation were however not provided while the result of the survey did not show margins of error in the presentation of figures.

The focus of the survey was on the five candidates considered leading contenders in the governorship election; namely Prof. Soludo (APGA), Andy Uba (APC), Vitatis Ozigbo (PDP), Akachukwu Nwankpo (ADC) and Dr. Maduka (Accord) Party. Analysis of the views of respondents selected across Awka, Nnewi, Onitsha, Aguata, Ogbaru, Anambra East and West, Ekwulobia, Agulu and Ihiala indicates that 48% of them agreed that next months poll will be free and fair while 52% took the opposite view.

Also, while 59% said they’ll vote for APGA candidate, Prof. Soludo, 25 per cent said they’ll vote for Vitalis Ozigbo of PDP while 10% had Andy Uba of APC. Other contenders shared 6%.

In terms of candidates most likely to bring transformational changes and new opportunities to Anambra State, Soludo took the lead with 49% and was followed by Vitalis Ozigbo and Andy Uba with 21 and 19 per cent respectively.

Similarly, for the candidates most likely to change the perception of the state for the better in terms of fighting crime, kidnapping, and godfatherism, Soludo was voted by 45% of the respondents while Ozigbo and Uba followed with 24 and 20 perc ent respectively.

In terms of candidates with track record of performance, experience, skill and vision to rapidly transform the state and create massive job opportunities, 51 per cent favoured Soludo, 20 for Ozigbo, while 15 and 10 went to Uba and Nwankpo, respectively. This survey also sought to find out what’re likely to be the most important challenges that will face the new governor of the state after the election and security took the lead, followed by unemployment and inflation.

This survey alone is a clear indication that APGA is for victory because the party has more credible candidate in the person of Prof. Charles Soludo, and its administration under the incumbent governor, Chief Willie Obiano has performed exceptionally well in all aspects of governance.

From the above opinion poll conducted by independent experts, one can readily infer that APGA flag bearer, Soludo will come tops, will be victorious at the election. Of course, you know that this opinion poll is generally more accurate than exit polls which result you get immediately after voting, and the gallup poll where you’ve a representatives of the parties involved. I can state that it is more of a straw poll, not official but quite accurate and promising

On Soludo’s attributes

To me, the man Soludo is a fine, young gentle man, calm, cool and calculative. He’s selfless, ingenious and has commitment to whatever course he believes in. An academic of international repute, Chukwuma Soludo has proved his mettle at the Central Bank of Nigeria, the nations Apex Bank as its CEO, governor. His innovations in the banking sector at this time are still of great value to all Nigeria banks and their customers today. One striking feature of his attributes is his abhorrence for violence. A peace loving man, Soludo prefers peaceful campaigns without antagonising his opponents.

In fact, all of us in the APGA family believe he will make it. As the election draws nearer, I’ll like to state here that APGA as the leading party in Anambra State believes in peace. I call on all contenders, all political party members and indeed all INEC officials to see politics as a game, play it in accordance with the rules.

There should be no rancor, no character assassination, no violence whatsoever. Indulge in issue based campaigns. After the polls, whoever wins, other contenders should take the win in good faith.

The present APGA led government in the state has remained peaceful since its inception in 2014. For our youths, those who are eligible to vote should come out and vote peacefully and leave the polling boots. This will maintain peace throughout the period.

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