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Go out and vote – Group urges ndi Anambra



A NON-GOVERNMENTAL organisation, Global Initiatives For Anambra Needs (GIAN) has urged Anambra electorate to eschew fear and come out on November 6 to vote for candidates of their choice in the Anambra governorship election.    

  Making this known in a press release, the director-general of GIAN , Amah A. Amah revealed their objectives and aims, stating that  GIAN is a registered non-governmental organisation in Nigeria, borne out of the passion, selfless spirit and commitment to maintain the right course in sustaining progress and navigating our state to the desired path of greater growth and development.

   As a result of this craving and drive, Anambra Needs was therefore unleashed on a manhunt for good and competent leaders for our challenged state, Anambra – the Light of the Nation. To state the facts clearly, we are a non-partisan, non-aligned network. We are after persons and not political parties, since in our clime, parties don’t have ideologies and same people crisscross all the political parties to serve personal interests.”

   However, GIAN encouraged the citizens of the state to exercise their civil duties by voting as rigging and manipulation are possible when electorates do not participate actively. They also encouraged people to throw away thoughts of their votes not counting.

 They further expressed their disappointments at the rate at which politicians were switching parties at an appalling rate.

 “It is more likely that the movements were motivated by personal, political gains and materialism,” the  release stated.

 “Ndi Anambra  must work against and rise above the new political trend of vote buying; it is a minute trading that gives away our four years of freedom from various ills and vices. We must resist it. In other words, to produce a quality governor for Anambra come next election, we appeal for peace”.

  The NGO futher advised people to stay behind and monitor their votes .

  GIAN appealed to the government at all levels to ensure a smooth environment for voters, stating, “government must pacify all those threatening to breach the relative peace the state had enjoyed before the election season. There must then be adequate security and assurance of safety for people to perform their civic responsibilities at the polls.

Government must start making frantic efforts in the immediate to demonstrate commitment and utmost good fate, visible enough to earn the trust of our populace to come out without a feeling of risking their lives. Since remote electronic casting of votes is still a mirage, the state and federal government should in the immediate, carry out vigorous safety audit and security assessment of all the voting points to restructure them for adequate security.”

   They charged INEC to ensure impeccable timing in logistics and distribution of human and material resources. “The election must commence on time and end in time to avoid night business and associated apprehensions.”

  They urged ndi  Anambra to settle  for a man who has top qualities of ridding the state of bad government and governance, insecurity, kidnappings, robberies, killings and related crimes, unhealthiness, poor hospitals, lack of portable water, unwholesome foods and unavailability of our needs, poor transportation system: Bad roads and transportation infrastructure and road furniture etc.

   “We work to identify good and God-fearing people based on their demonstrated capacity and competence, known precedence and pedigree; based on these track records, we add our strength and mobilise to enthrone them in leadership. This is what we had committed ourselves to in Anambra Needs in the last few years. Aside active politicking, we are a formidable, strong grassroots network of monitors of governance in the state.

In other words, we will not enthrone the leaders and allow them act at their whims and caprices; we had taken it as our responsibility as members of the family of Needs… to hold councilors, LGA Chairmen, members of the state and National Assembly in the state, as well as the commissioners and governor accountable to their leadership responsibilities to our people,” the release stated.

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