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Someday, no one will say I’m sick – Faith group



FAITH based organisation, Jehovah’s Witnesses has released a video entitled, ‘Virus Outbreaks, What Can You Do’, highlighting seven crucial steps to help people cope with pandemic anxiety.

  According to the video, these are simple steps that can translate to huge success in dealing with virus and bacteria spread, especially, this time that the world is challenged with coronavirus pandemic.

  The religious body highlighted the seven steps to include; regular hand-washing with soap and water. “If you wash your hand for at least 20seconds, with soap and water” under running water, it “can break off the virus or bacteria and wash them away.”

  The video further revealed that hand sanitizers could be very effective in fighting the spread of coronavirus and other related communicable diseases. The group pointed out the importance of employing safety measure while coughing by simply coughing into tissue papers or the inside of ones elbow, while avoiding touching ones face, after coming in contact with surfaces and objects.

  The religious group re-echoed authourities’ advice for people to “stay home, wear mask when outdoors or keep recommended safe distance from other people” as part of precautionary measures that should not be downplayed.

  They admonished all persons to as quickly as possible, contact the doctor when they get signs of ailment, “if you get sick, call a doctor,” adding, “stay informed, keep yourself occupied and stay connected with friends; you might cheer them up. This is another aspect of your help that is very important.”

  They reminded all people that in the Bible, “Jesus Christ sought time and love to pray and meditate,” while further charging faithful to use “some of their time to take care of their spiritual health. If you focus on the hope for better future, it will be easier to help your spiritual health. When you focus on the hope for a better future, it will be easier to cope with challenges today.”

  The video reiterated Jehovah Witness’ commitment to” keeping their hopes strong by sharing it with others in whatever ways safe.” Drawing reference from Isaiah 33v4, the religious body projected into a time in history of humanity when there will be no diseases and plagues. “Someday, no one will say, I am sick.” They hoped.

  It will be recalled that Jehovah Witness while acknowledging the challenges coronavirus pandemic has caused global community, insisted that “few events in modern history especially the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic have harmed the emotional well-being of people around the world.”

  “The threat of contracting or transmitting a life-threatening disease and the added challenges of anxiety as well as isolation has had an immeasurable impact on people of all backgrounds,” the body stated.

  The religious group promised to release a 3-min whiteboard animation that will offer families practical methods to cope emotionally and spiritually with the effects of the pandemic.

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