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Anambra Decides 2021: Anambra’s IGR will soar under Soludo – Nzekwu



Dr. David Nzekwu, Chief Executive, Anambra State Internal Revenue Service (AIRS) is a finance and economy specialist. In this interview with RAY UDEAGBARA he reasoned that Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo is the most suitable gubernatorial candidate fo Anambra, pointing out the professor of economics’s aptness for the economy of the state. He spoke to . Excerpts:

“PROF. Charles Soludo, the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) flag bearer in Saturday’s governorship election, is an economist of international repute, a distinguished personality that embodies exceptional intellectual ability, originality and excellence and an example of outstanding genius marked by distinction and superiority. He possesses all it takes to turn around the economic fortunes of Anambra State and move ndi Anambra to the next level of development”.

   This remark was made by the Chief Executive, Anambra State Internal Revenue Service (AIRS), Dr. David Nzekwu while commenting on the forthcoming governorship election in Anambra State and the suitability of the gubernatorial aspirants and viability of their parties.

   Dr. Nzekwu stated that Prof. Soludo has the experience, skill, right vision and the capacity to give the state the much desired lift in all sectors of the economy, in the people’s economic wellbeing and welfare.

   According to the AIRS Chief Executive, Prof. Soludo’s peers in the administrative and leadership cadres are few and his reputation in Nigeria and in the diaspora has become a reference statement of competence and resourcefulness while his accomplishments are ringing endorsements of value and productivity of vision.

   Dr. David Nzekwu pointed out that the APGA governorship candidate is the most suitable among all the contenders for the governorship election, describing him as a man of pedigree and strong character.

   He recalled Soludo’s eminent roles in various states’, national and international committees he has headed and remarked that the outcome of his achievements in those committees speaks volumes.

   On his role and contributions to the success of the nation’s banking system when he’s the governor of Nigeria’s Apex Bank, the Central Bank of Nigeria, (CBN), Dr. Nzekwu posited that the benefits of his innovations in the banking industry is still enjoyed by Nigerian banks and other financial institutions today, pointing out that the current e-banking and e’money now in vogue in Nigeria is part of the consequences of his robust innovations during his tenure at the Apex Bank’s Chief Executive.

   The AIRs boss then charged the entire ndi Anambra irrespective of their political and religious affiliations to vote massively for Prof. Charles Soludo of APGA to eradicate poverty, retrogression, backwardness and underdevelopment, and to fit-in round peg in round hole in all aspects of governance in Anambra State.

   He made it clear that a vote for Soludo is a vote for right vision, robust programmes and policies, uncommon multi-sectoral development and efficient and prudent management of available resources, just as he remarked that in various committees, both national and globally, Prof. Charles Soludo has offered solutions to the ailing economies of many countries and expressed optimism that his management of Anambra State economy will bring smiles to every onye Anambra.

Dr. Nzekwu reminded ndi Anambra that leadership is not achieved by force, that leaders are born, not made, and that the true test of leadership is not felt in time of calm and merriment but in times of adversity and despair like in the current period that putting the right choice of caliber of persons to positions of leadership brings positive results and when all these are carefully appraised, weighed and examined, Prof. Soludo appropriately falls into this category and remains the most suitable for the governorship position.

 “Vultures, in fact, scavengers are hovering around. We must not allow all the developments witnessed in Anambra State vanish in the name of politics and struggle for leadership. The person that will bring continuity in development must be voted into power to govern Anambra. We must not allow these vultures and scavengers to land or perch anyway at all and the way to do this is to nip them in the bud by voting for Soludo to continue the good work Governor Willie Obiano has been doing when he completes his tenure in March 17, next year.

“Anambra is the Light of the Nation and she’s proved it in many ways – in academics, science and technology with the covetous laurels won by our students in debates and quiz competitions both at home and in the diaspora one case in point being our students’ great feat at the technovation challenge at the Silicon Valley, USA, to mention but a few; even in the area of ease of doing business here in Anambra, we’ve witnessed great improvement”, he said.

Continuing, Nzekwe said all these advancements/improvements may disappear from our state if ndi Anambra do not take care to vote wisely, sensibly, and for Soludo of APGA.

He noted that eligible voters of Anambra extraction living in Lagos and Abuja, and who should vote in our state, about 60,000 of them have hired many luxury buses in this dire period to come home to vote this Saturday for the APGA Flag bearer and held that this proves “our people’s seriousness and their desire to vote for Soludo to free Anambra from bad governance”, and expressed optimism that APGA will win convincingly.

Dr. Nzekwu also reminded Anambra citizenry, particularly the electorate that the incumbent governor, Chief Willie Obiano worked assiduously to put Anambra on the map of oil producing states in the country and warned that a vote for another candidate other than Prof. Soludo would spell doom for the state as the huge amount accruable from the oil monthly allocation will be wasted, in fact dissipated.

He charged the voters to ensure that they exercise their franchise and wait to see that their votes count with the hope that as the law enforcement agencies have assured the state of maximum security, the election will be violent-free, and the electorate secured, God willing.

He told the electorate, especially youths to be law abiding, avoid all forms of violence, vote peacefully and after vote counting to leave the scene and go home. He also urged INEC to ensure free, fair and credible election reminding them that all eyes are on their actions.

Nzekwu opined that today, the economy of Anambra State is in the right hands. The IGR mechanism is working effectively and will soon soar, explaining that the man to better handle it and more prudently manage the resources is no other person than the APGA flag bearer, Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo, and with Anambra votes, he’ll get into the Government House come May 29, 2022, and do the needful by working on the state economy and her IGR, to bring unprecedented development for Anambra State to maintain her enviable position in the comity of Nigerian States and properly project her as the true Light of the Nation.

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