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US: Democrats lose Virginia State



…Devp seen as early referendum on Biden’s presidency

DEMOCRAT Terry McAuliffe has defeated Republican Glenn Youngkin in a keenly contested Virginia governorship election, losing a state that President Joe Biden won barely a year ago in a presidential poll.

Expressing concerns on the development, Gov. Phil Murphy who said he expected smooth cruise to re-election in New Jersey guber, appealed to party loyalists, urging them to remain calm in the defeat.
“We’re sorry tonight couldn’t yet be the celebration we wanted it to be,” Murphy told newsmen.
“While last night we came up short, I am proud that we spent this campaign fighting for the values we so deeply believe in,” he said.

Analysts believe the Virginia experience and some other states holding off-year elections signal a dangerous twist of fortune for the democrats as the country approaches next year’s midterm elections.
“It’s time to hit the panic button, because the base is not motivated,” Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher said, calling the loss, “catastrophic” for Democrats. According to strong Democrat faithful, John Ashbrook, “Youngkin’s victory in Virginia should serve as a wake-up call to Democrats everywhere that an epic wave is on the way.”

Republican Youngkin penetrated deep into the heart of the Virginia’s electorate, who seem to be unfazed with party divides in their choice of who becomes the next governor, despite Democrat’s looming image in recent time in the state.

“This is the spirit of Virginia coming together like never before. For too long, we’ve been expected to shelve our dreams, to shelve our hope, to settle for low expectations. We will not be a commonwealth of low expectations. We’ll be a commonwealth of high expectations.” Youngkin told the media.

Experts say, Virginia, which holds her governorship election one year after presidential poll, ‘has long been seen as a political bellwether where both parties may be locked in expectations in any election exercise.

Meanwhile, about half of voters said that Biden was not a factor in their vote for governor, according to the NBC News exit poll, but only 43 per cent approved of the way the president is doing his job, while a slight majority (56 per cent) disapproved. 28 per cent said one reason for their vote for governor was to express opposition to Biden, while 20 per cent said it was to express support for the president.

Republican strategist who works on Senate races and is reported to be close to Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell said, “voters are clearly dissatisfied with the direction our country is headed and they’re prepared to exercise their right to change it.”

It will be recalled that no Republican had won statewide since 2009 which Biden won by 10 percentage points last November, a jinx Youngkin has now broken.

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