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Ezenwa eulogises Ilonzo for saving his life



AN INDIGENE of Awka Etiti, John Peters Ezenwa, has expressed happiness over what he called timely revival after he was proclaimed a dead man but was called back to life by the founder,  Centre for Psychic and Healing Administration (CPHA), Dr. Flora Ilonzo.

  Ezenwa, who described himself as second Jesus, stated this during a press briefing, held at CPHA, organized  by Dr. Flora Ilonzo in respect of Ezenwa, and to let people know  things they need for their health.

  According to Ezenwa, ” I was not sick, but the last thing I could remember was attending a burial ceremony after which I returned home and lost consciousness. My family members said they took me to various hospitals where series of dialysis were done but none of those hospitals could revive me back to life,” he said.

  Ezenwa , popularly known as Adindu, 74, who said he  never believed in alternative medicine, said he was taken to CPHA by his family members since that was their last option.  He thanked God and Dr. Ilonzo for saving his life.  “Right now, I feel stronger and healthy.

  “The joy of my family was restored when they heard that I was revived back to life at CPHA after regaining consciousness. It was the prompt attention, care, and medication given to me by Dr. Ilonzo that performed the miracle”, he said and urged that people should embrace alternative medicine especially at CPHA.

  Also speaking, Dr. Flora Ilonzo disclosed that garden egg leaf and phyllanthusamarus was what she used to heal the man. “He was in coma when they brought him to us and also, he is the first patient that came to us after my 75thbirthday.

  Ilonzo said she asked his family members to squeeze garden egg leaf and give to Ezenwa to drink by themselves because “some people might be thinking I do add something different or there is some incantation I do perform before giving it to any of my patients. God has installed powers into garden eggs leaf”.

  “Ezenwa regained consciousness with the help of water yam and ‘ogirisi’. I used the ‘ogirisi leaf to wash  his head because he is now seeing dead people, and also rubbed water yam on his body immediately he woke up.

  Ilonzo, popularly known as Anyafulugo maintained that she wants people to know the value of garden egg leaf.  “Once you don’t have swollen legs, stomach or kidney stone, if you eat garden egg leaf, while urinating, you will notice foaming urine. That is because of the way it cleans your kidney and liver because of the chemicals used in persevering some of the food we eat. I charge people to stop panicking each time they see that”.

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