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NHS adds booster vaccines to COVID-19 travel pass



TRAVELLERS who have had a booster dose of a COVID-19 jab in England will be able to prove their vaccination status using the NHS COVID-19 Pass with effect from today.

  The development is to spare travelers to countries such as Israel, Croatia and Austria and some other countries with time limit for vaccination status validity not to be quarantined on arrival.

  Disclosing this today in a message, chief executive of travel consultancy The PC Agency, Paul Charles, said it is “a major step forward”, boosting confidence for people to book trips over the Christmas period.

  According to the UK health authourities, third doses will not be added to the domestic pass as they are not currently needed to qualify as fully vaccinated, even as booster doses initially offered to over-50s, front-line health and social care staff and people with health conditions seemed to place  them at greater risk from the virus.

  Report says, more than 13 million booster jabs have been administered in the UK so far, with the country opening a health check APP called NHS App where people can ascertain whether they have had a first or second dose, a recent negative test or recently recovered from the virus by just clicking on the app.

  The NHS COVID-19 Pass is used for travel, as well as for entry to some domestic venues which require it but necessarily proof of a booster to travel to England.

  Health Secretary Sajid Javid said, “We want to make it as easy as possible for people to show their vaccine status if they are travelling abroad.

“This update to the NHS COVID Pass will mean people can have their complete medical picture at their fingertips if they are going on holiday or seeing loved ones overseas.”

  Source says, it is not currently mandatory to show proof of vaccination for any venues in England. However, it is compulsory for nightclubs and large events in Scotland and cinemas, theatres, nightclubs and large events in Wales.

  The Northern Ireland executive has also voted to introduce mandatory COVID passports in venues like nightclubs and cinemas.

  Booster jabs will show up automatically for users of the digital COVID-19 pass in England from today, however, it will not immediately be available via the COVID-19 Pass letter service, as upgrade is required according to UK officials.

  Boosters will appear on the COVID-19 Pass in Wales from 29 November, but evidence of a third dose is not needed to enter venues in Wales which require a COVID-19 Pass.

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