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Group celebrates less privileged



...Emphasises importance of charity

A Non-Governmental organisation, Joy And Compassionate Love International has celebrated the destitutes and less privileged in the society, handing over various Christmas packages to 17 homes   .

  The event, which held at the Anambra Broadcasting  Service (ABS)  Production Centre, Awada in Idemili North Local Government Area, Anambra State, brought physically challenged persons from different homes together.

Speaking during the event, the founder of the organisation,  Mrs Theresa Odinaka Okpala said affecting the needy positively is  a duty the privileged should undertake; adding that it paves way for more blessings.

“Charity is very important in life. If you do not give, you will not receive. In giving, you are opening a channel of blessings from God,” she stated.

“The physically challenged are human beings with abilities in certain areas of life. They need help to see this ability explored and achieved. It is the duty of the privileged to help them achieve their life-dreams.”

She charged the ‘Haves’ (the rich) to incorporate the wellbeing of the less privileged into their daily engagements, understanding that they too need affection and love.”

  In his remarks, the chairman,  Love and Passion Home, Stephen Obasi called on individuals to always extend love to the less privileged in the society and the physically challenged particularly. “We are all equal before God – the cripple, blind and the physically fit, therefore, we will all try to carry them along and give them sense of belonging.

  Expressing her gratitude, Rehabilitation Centre For The Disabled, Old And Tramps (RECDOT), led by Angela Ilika said she was impressed with the kind of gesture the foundation has shown to the destitutes.

  “Those whom God has blessed called us to come and share in their blessings. I am greatly touched by these concerns. I only pray for them to receive more blessings from God to affect humanity with it the more.”

  Contributing, the Chairperson, Umuchu Catholic Women Organisation, Onitsha Branch,  Mrs Anulika Ezekwueme described the physically challenged as strong at heart, urging the society to encourage them realise their capabilities by giving them needed support.

  “We have come to identify with the physically challenged and as well, register our support to Mrs Okpala, the chairperson of this foundation and the benefactor of the largesse the disabled receive here. She is such a charitable woman the society should emulate,” Ezekwueme stated.

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