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In Oroma-Etiti, Lolo Okeke passes to eternity



LOLO Theresa Okeke’s departure was surreal but its reality, shocking. Like vapour, she vanished but was still being felt. A life with soothing breeze, with an absence that generated an atmosphere of pain.

The cold hand of death came calling that early morning of Thursday April 9, 2021. The effect chilling that it rattled the entire family. The distressing message it produced was hearth rendering and freezing.

Lolo Theresa was a rare gem that can’t easily be seen or accessed among the women of our time. An inestimable jewel of noble stock, who displayed enviable character. A virtuous woman of no mean reputation. 

No more will Lolo Okeke’s warm rendering voice be heard. Gone with her was the warmth, calm and serenity her presence brought to her family.

Iyom Idikacholu as Lolo Theresa was traditionally addressed was a great woman of amazing warmth who made important contributions to the development of her community. Indeed, her numerous good deeds will remain evergreen in the hearts of people. 

She displayed graciousness in civility and kindness. A strong-willed woman, resolute to making the most out of life. A long and inspiring life was what she envisaged. When ill health challenged her wellbeing, she fought it tenuously for nine  years until she succumbed gallantly to death. .

Her courage was exemplary. Lolo Theresa was a pillar to her husband, HRH Igwe Nwaezekwe Gabriel Okeke, Igwe Ukwu I of Orama Etiti-Anam and the entire family. A lovely companion to Igwe Okeke whom she tirelessly supported.  The energetic Lolo Theresa was very companionate with listening ears to the needs of the people, a counselor and mentor that will never be forgotten by all.

The adorable Lolo Theresa was a virtuous woman who emphasised that her children and wards attain greater heights that she didn’t have opportunity to attain.

Death is inevitable and at the appointed time every human shall pay the ultimate price. Despite it, it is so difficult to let go of Lolo Theresa Okeke’s death.

It is hard to forget Lolo Theresa’s inspiring words to those who came to her with their needs and challenges, she was open to everyone, her hospitality made people feel important. Lolo’s Theresa departed so suddenly to be with the Maker when she was needed the most. Indeed painful but her fond memory remains unforgettable.

Lolo Theresa was an industrious woman, a disciplinarian, goal getter, generous, an embodiment of humility and patience.

Her Royal Highness, Lolo Theresa Okeke Akagana was born on the 8th of August 1965 at Isiokwe Aguleri, Anambra East Local Government Area of Anambra State.   

Ajuasa, as she is commonly called dearest aunty. She was born and baptized and confirmed in the Catholic Church.

She was guided in faith by her senior brother, Benjamin Udemezue and her God-mother, Regina Nnesi, who tutored her in her formative years to ensure that she grew in complete devotion to God and meritorious service to the Holy Church. At different stages, she led the Altar Girls, Block Rosary and participated actively in the choir as she has a melodious stone.

She was enrolled in school and there, she showed her intellectual disposition and conflict resolution potential as her classmates always came to her to settle disputes. Along the line in her education, marriage set in and she had to quit schooling for family life as that was mostly the case at the time when women’s education was not valued.

All those who came in contact with her can attest to her brilliance and intelligence. Despite her limited formal education, she made sure that eight out of her nine children became graduates and the other voluntarily opted for trading.

She wedded Igwe Okeke on 15th of March, 1982, at Holy Cross Catholic Parish, Oroma Etiti-Anam. After her wedding to Igwe Okeke, she went into business. She succeeded and literally conquered in any business endeavor she ventured in. From tailoring, fish trading, rice trading, trading in farm produce,she made a huge fortune for herself and became the first woman to buy land in Oroma Etiti-Anam. A hard working woman who despite her marriage to Igwe Okeke still etched a living for herself and didn’t allow the pomp and pageantry of royalty to cloud her.

She was a member of Oganiru Age Grade, a patron of MOD at the Onitsha Archdiocese, a Pillar member of C.W.O, Holy Cross Parish, Oroma Etiti-Anam. She also served the Church and her community in other capacities. Her services still speak for her.

The Holy Book records in Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 that there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die. Lolo Theresa earthly transitions’ has come to end, she has gone to be no more, who are we mortals to question God.

Though Lolo Theresa’s death saddens, it’s worth rejoicing that she is in the presence of God where there is neither pain nor sorrow and there is no better place. She lived the Christiaan faith, fought the good fight and finished her gloriously.

She is survived by HRH Ige Nwaezekwe Gabriel Okeke, Igwe Ukwu I of Oroma Etiti-Anam and nine children.

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