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NAUSS holds maiden annual student’s conference



NATIONAL Union of Anambra State Students (NUASS) has held its maiden national students conference, at Nnamdi Azikiwe University(UNIZIK) over the weekend.

  The event with theme: ‘The Role of Youths in Nation Building’ witnessed the presence of dignitaries from Anambra and beyond as well as Anambra students from different universities.

  The keynote speaker and  Commissioner for Basic Education,  Kate Omenugha charged youths to wake up. She noted that youths cannot be builders of nations when they don’t know themselves.

   According to her, “ when there is no self awareness, then there can never be leadership role.”

  Prof Omenugha highlighted some of the challenges of  the youth of today in the country,  decrying the trend of crystal meth and other drug abuses, peer pressure, broken home and little to no financial support and encouraged the students to build discipline, set goals and work towards them.

 She complained about some unethical behaviors such as exam malpractices and bribing of lecturers, expressing dangers in trading education with money or sex. She however, reminded students the 10 shared values of Anambra State and rewarded a student with cash gift for being able to recite them.

  While addressing  the youths, the Managing Director, Anambra Newspaper and Printing Corporation(ANPC), who was also one of the discussants, Sir Chuka Nnabuife narrated how he got his first job and other jobs due to his competency and encouraged them to engage the  society as nobody will come to their house to look for them.

 Highlighting the challenges the youth face in politics, Nnamezie Chukwuemeka, a political and social analyst claimed that the system was designed to make the youths stay away from politics. He said, “how many youths can afford to pay for a councilor or local government slot in politics”, 

 Macanthony Chimezie said that Nigerian youths were resilient but not enough and blames the softness of today’s youthd on the generation of his parents. He said that  in other countries,   “protests are organised everyday no matter the threats but they don’t stop, but we were threatened by our parents not to go to #EndSARS protest. Yes, we tried but we did not do enough because we quitted early”

  Linda Nnodiogu, an author in the panel said that Nigerian youths don’t read and hardly do they stay focused. Building on Sir Chuka’s point, she complained also that the youths do not or rarely engage with society. Citing herself as an example, she explained how she uses social media to promote her books and stories consistently in other to be the author that she is now.

President of NUASS, Okwuchukwu Okonkwo, in an interview, stated that the conference was the first of its kind. He also made it known that the organisation is interested in helping students who are not financially able to cater for themselves in school hence the  “Unvelling of keeping 100 in school” which we run annually for at least three years.

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