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Nigeria, French agency partner on carbon reduction project



MINISTER of State for Environment, Sharon Ikeazor has disclosed that Federal Government has entered into partnership with Agence Francaise de Development on the decarbonisation of the Nigerian economy as part of measures to mitigate climate change effects.

  Ikeazor, disclosed this at the recent inauguration and inception workshop of the Nigeria Deep Decarbonisation Project in Abuja.

  She explained that the Deep Decarbonisation Project Nigeria was a national research and capacity building project for the implementation of a Deep Decarbonisation Pathway Programme in Nigeria.

  “DDP is a collaboration project between the the Federal Ministry of Environment, Nigeria and the Agence Francaise de Development with the International Relation and Sustainable Development Institute as the programme coordinator,” Ikeazor said.

  She added, “The decarbonisation of the global economy has long been recognised as an imperative in the fight against climate change. However, this has assumed even a greater urgency since the singing of the Paris Agreement in 2015.”

  She said the central role of deep decarbonisation was currently vital, as there had been a compelling scientific case for rapid reduction of emission across all sectors of the economy to avert disastrous and catastrophic climate impacts.

  The minister said the purpose of the inauguration and inception work was to present the DDP project to the larger community of stakeholders to begin conversation on the scenarios and modeling options that could help Nigeria achieve its stated long term climate objectives.

  She said one of the major objectives include the goal of net zero emission by 2060, stressing that the Nigeria Deep Decarbonisation Project was therefore a very important component in the country’s effort to navigate over the harsh and unpleasant risks of climate change.

  “Indeed, as many here will attest, we are already being confronted with the dangerous consequences of extreme weather in recent times with huge financial stress,” Ikeazor said.

  She added, “Nigeria is one of the signatories to the Paris Agreement that outlines actions toward climate change mitigation, resilience, and adaptation.

  “Nigeria also recognises that just transition to a low-emission economy is important to achieve sustainable development goals in the context of socio-economic and environmental sustainability.”

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