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2023: Only Igboman will lift Nigeria up – Ohuavunwa



 By Blessing Nnabuife

A frontline contender for the 2023 Presidential ticket on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Sam Ohuabunwa has said there was no headway for Nigeria to realise its greatness and potentials unless an Igboman becomes the president of the country.

Mazi Ohuabunwa, who is the convener of the New Nigeria Group (NNG), made this view known while interacting with the stakeholders and Ndubuisi Nwobu-led executive of the party in the state in Awka, Anambra State, also hinged the attainment of good governance to establishment of the righteous in power.

He revealed that Nigeria as at then has expired with manifestation of fatigue and hopelessness, while the new Nigeria to be ushered in is one where an Igboman will drive the process and lift the country out of doldrums.

According to him, Nigeria has poor rating in such indices of governance and poverty, among others, despite the abundant human and material resources God endowed the country with, which according to him, have been mismanaged due to greed

“We are going to have a new Nigeria where the Igboman will lift Nigeria up… Nigeria is holding the Igbos down. It is an answered prayer that God wants an Igbo man to emerge as the president.

“Nigeria will go nowhere without Igbos and an Igboman as President. Nigeria is waiting for an Igbo man for something to happen.”

While decrying vengeance that has been witnessed successively against Ndigbo over the years, he pointed out that, at last, God has decided to intervene and answer the prayers of Nigerians with the emergence of an Igbo man as Nigeria’s president.

According to him, it is only ndi Igbo that not only develop their communities but also take development to other parts of the country, stressing that an Igboman president is most desirable to safeguard the investments of ndi Igbo outside Igboland.

He called for reformation of Nigeria and  change if the narrative by mobilising the citizens to optimise the human and material resources to attain  global competitiveness in a nation where justice, equity and fairness reign supreme.

Ohuabunwa expressed the hope that the New Nigeria of his dream is seen as a first world nation that would bring the light to the world and likened to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and United Arab Emirate, Dubai.

He pointed out that NNG would mobilise like-minded citizens to install enlightened, visionary an committed leadership in the country, guided by such philosophy as knowledge, industry, integrity, patriotism, justice, freedom and Godliness.

He believed that once poverty is solved, it will largely solve problems associated with corruption, same way justice would largely deal with insecurity.

Welcoming the presidential hopeful, the PDP Chairman in the state, Nwobu urged Ohuabunwa to explore further political engagements with key stakeholders of the party in the build up to 2023 Presidential election.

Earlier in his remark, the state coordinator of NNG, Vin Okolo, a pharmacist, eulogised Mazi Ohuanunwa as a well-bred technocrat whose varied ideas should be brought to bear on the development of the country.

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