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Anambra condoles Obi family over Next International Inferno



Anambra State Government has commiserated with the Obi family of Agulu, Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State over the fire that destroyed Next International Shopping Mall in Abuja, which is owned by the family on Sunday.

According to a statement signed by Anambra State Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightennment, C. Don Adinuba:“It is regrettable that this huge complex, the biggest shopping mall in the Federal Capital Territory, should go up in flames on a day the whole world was still rejoicing with Christendom over the birth of Jesus Christ some 2,000 years ago”.

“It is a tremendous loss to not just the Obi family or the people of Anambra State who are famous the world over for their entrepreneurial skills or the Federal Capital Territory where the mall is located but the whole country”.

He said that Next International, whether in Abuja or Lagos or anywhere else, was a testimony of how Anambra people start small enterprises and in no time, grow them into multibillion naira businesses.

Expressing confidence that the mall would be rebuilt earlier than some people may expect, the government thanked the fire services which responded promptly to extinguish the fire as well as security agencies which maintained order at the site.

It, in addition, commended various individuals who rushed to the scene to remove vital goods in the mall and kept them in safe places.

“These individuals could have made away with the goods”, observed the Anambra State Givernment”, “but they chose to play their brother’s keeper at a critical moment.

“It shows that despite the difficult times which the nation has been passing through of late, an overwhelming majority of everyday Nigerians are committed to the values of integrity and solidarity”.

One other important lesson from the inferno, “is the imperative for individuals and organisations to always insure their assets accordingly.

“The burden of this colossal fire will be less on the mall owners if the asset is well covered by insurance.

“Nigerians must come to terms with the fact that insurance is a trustworthy business and insurance firms have evolved over the years as genuine partners in progress like banks and other financial organisations”.

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