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I write to change the world – Iloghalu



By Nkechi Ikenwoke

An America- based medical practitioner and author of ‘Ethical Leadership in Healthcare and Other Industries’, Scholastica Amaogechukwu Iloghalu has demonstrated her desire to be part of those that change the world in the new book to be launched soon.

Dr Iloghal told National Light during her visit to the newspaper outfit that she was motivated to write because of her intention to help change the world.

She disclosed that as a healthcare strategist, she has helped in many establishments to set up policies that helped to manage the organisations properly.

She maintained that even though her book lays emphasis on healthcare, it also comprises other industries like people in public offices, especially leaders of communities, organisations and homes, adding that the healthcare system has changed to a place where workers do their private businesses with patients due to increased economic crisis in the world.

“Everybody has a purpose. My own purpose is to make a positive change; a change that will bring ethical practices in all sectors of life. In doing that, I aim at preventing and reducing cost. A lot of establishments have a lot of wastes in their establishments. I want to ensure that our leaders have people that are competent in their works to achieve sustainable goals with their talents. I have the intention to educate people about health.”

“People have different talents. But as a leader who has ethical practices in him, rather than practice nepotism, he should be able to have those who are talented to practice in the profession; pople who are skilled and can be able to manage the establishment.”

“The only way I can share this knowledge I have is to put it in a book for people to read and understand and also to apply those ethical practices in their decision making”.

She further said that having lauched her book online during the peak of COVID-19 due to inability of people to come out, she will present it to the general public for eye witnesses from all parts of the world such as leaders in different organisations, communities, cities, families and in fact, eveybody.

The healthcare strategist highlited some difficulties she encountered to publish her book.

“When I was writing this, it wasn’t easy timewise, economicwise, etc. It was difficult for me because I didn’t have money but I had a purpose. I don’t give up easily in achieving goals in life. So I continued to have sleepless nights. Sometimes, I didn’t even have money to eat food. There was actually a time I was homeless; no place to live but I was still working on this”.

She urged leaders in all sectors of life to remain visionaries to do the right thing, think about the masses and the less privileged and have moral values for other individuals.

“The healthcare practitioners such as doctors, nurses and other professionals have their ethical practices which they took as an oaths. They should adhere to those principles, discharging their duties without discrimination or neglect to anybody.”

“I know that some times, people have conflicts which is one of the things I wrote here about reconciliation of conflicts that people have with their systems. I called it ‘When the System and the Process are in Disarray, Dilemma Occurs’. So when it occurs, people find it difficult to make decisions. But in my research, I find out that there is a structure that will help people to make decisions”, she said.

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