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Amorka marks day, urges peace



By Emeka Chiaghanam

Peace and unity are vital to the growth and development of any society. Communities that treasure and sustain it are never bereft of embracing changes that spur transformation.

President-General of Amorka, Simeon Alozieuwa stated this at the annual Amorka Day Celebration 2021, with the theme, ”Say No to Mkpulummili and other Drugs’, held at the Play Field, Community Primary School, Amorka, Ihiala, Local Government Area, Anambra State.

Prof. Alozieuwa described Amorka people as hardworking and peaceful, stating that the event provides an ambience for those abroad to touch home, and make vital spiritual reconnection to the homeland. At the same time, to rally together both those at home and in the diaspora to reflect on the town’s possibilities and challenges and come up with initiatives on how to leapfrog its developmental trajectory

The president-general maintained that other than the usual fundraising ritual, besides the need for peace, this year’s theme focused on the abuse of Methamphetamine, otherwise called Mkpulummili in the local parlance that is ravaging the youths.

”Stakeholders and prominent individuals of Igbo extraction and community leaders have expressed concerns over the effects of the deadly substance. Let us intensify effort to rescue our youth population from this menace.”

As a boundary town, Prof. Alozieuwa called on the state government to pay greater attention to Amorka town.

Prof. Alozieuwa called for more government presence in the town, urging Amorka people to uphold peace and unite for the development of the community.

Earlier in his opening remarks, the traditional ruler of Amorka, Igwe K.O Obiriolemgbe, Jideofor V, Amorka, urged the people to embrace peace.

”Peace precedes every other thing. The absence of it breeds unpalatable situations. A peaceful environment speeds up development,” he said.

In his speech the chairman of the occasion, Bernard Okeke, while
describing Amorka as a unique town, said that any indigene of Amorka that doesn’t want the peace and progress of the town is not deemed a true indigene.

”Amorka is not in crisis. No true Amorka person who wouldn’t be where the peace and development of the town are initiated,” he said.

Speaking on the negative impact of Mkpulummili, the Commander of Narcotics, Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency, (NDLEA), Anambra State, Command, Florence Ezeonye, acknowledged the abuse of Imkpulummili, saying there are hard drugs in the open space, ”Mkpulumili is not a new drug. It has been in existence since the 1940s. For the past seven years at the NDLEA, we have been recording people with mkpulunmili abuse coming for counselling.”

Mrs Ezeonye, who was represented by Dr Chinwe Thompson, Assistant State Commender, Drug Demand Reduction Unit, NDLEA, Anambra Command, contended that Mkpulummili causes aggressive behaviour, restlessness, sleeplessness, paranoid, delusion, psychosis and it makes someone commit suicide.

” The United Nations Office on Drugs report for 2017 shows that about 89,000 people in Nigeria has used mkpulummili, men 69,000 and women 19,000. Coming down to the Southeast, in Anambra, about 6,700 people have used mkpulummili from the record of 2017.”

”It’s not new, it’s only the way it’s being handled; the beating, flogging and other forms of punishments that made it look as if it is a new drug, but not.

Mkpulummili is a stimulant that releases endorphins into the brain to stimulate it. It can alter brain function leading to abnormal behaviour.”

”Mkpulummili has been in existence since the 1940s, but traditionally used in its medicinal form to treat health issues such as obesity, depression, anxiety, among others, but now abused in its illicit nature.”

Even where they are being produced for consumption will tell you of its illicit nature. The mkpulummili our youths consume are not properly refined even in their refined and medicinal nature, it shouldn’t be taken without a medical prescription.

In its medicinal nature, it will be embedded in another drug that you wouldn’t know you are taking mkpulummili.
”In the production of illicit mkpulummili, they use coal tar, battery acid, caffeine along with other chemicals not fit for human consumption.”

She advised against flogging people abusing the substance as some of them are ignorant of what they are doing.

”If anyone is caught taking mkpulummili, and other hard drugs, bring the person to NDLEA for counselling and rehabilitation. If you can’t come to NDLEA, there are other places they can be taken for counselling and rehabilitation.” she said.

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