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Oba strategises against open defecation,



OBA Community in Idemili South Local Government Area Anambra State has declared war against open defecation and indiscriminate dumping of refuse.  

  It has also declared that defaulters would be penalised beginning from this January.  

The community also urged major street traders to take up shops at Alaba International Market, Oba and Anambra International Market, Oba, which had been under utilised.  

In a speech at the Oba Civic Centre, the Oba Patriotic Union (OPU) President-General, Rev. Chris Emelie stressed the importance of a healthy environment, saying that a taskforce had been set up to enforce environmental sanitation.  

“We cannot boast of a good environment in Oba today. Gradually we are targeting a healthy environment. We have put in place a regular sanitation exercise at the Afor-Uzo Oba Market. The traders can testify to a cleaner environment.  

“Dumping of refuse, even human feces wrapped in cellophane bags have become a common practice. Starting from this 2022, it is an offence to throw refuse into drainages.  

“People processing chickens for commercial purposes are known for indiscriminate dumping of their generated wastes at road sides. Anyone caught henceforth, will pay a fine to be determined by the Sanitation Taskforce.  

“We have contracted an expert who treats animal wastes with chemicals to check degradation and prevent odour; the butchers have yet to comply.  

“We believe we can achieve a clean environment if only people will imbibe simple discipline. The butchers have until the end of February to comply or leave their present location,” Rev Emelie directed.  

Concerning the Alaba/Oba International Market and Anambra International Market, Oba, the PG said: “OPU has held several meetings with the market associations and the three concerned villages and reached a consensus that the market should take off”.  

“We are also of the opinion that some businesses carried out on major roads of Oba, especially building materials dealers in rods and planks whose movements constitute life hazards to road users should go into those markets immediately,” Emelie said.  

Rev. Emelie, then, thanked ndi Oba for the visionary purchase of land for a permanent palace for Eze Okpoko.  

He urged Oba people to assist in completing the Oba High Court premises to a threat to its relocation from Oba and also help to actualise the Oba Burial Ground Project at Okwu Idemili, which was long overdue.  

On security, after lauding the Odimma Oba Forum for their contribution to Oba Vigilance Group, he solicited more funding, saying that OPU insured the registered security personnel.   

“Up to N1 million is accruable to any security man in case of fatality,” Emelie said. 

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