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In Nnewi, Rotary District Governor-elect inaugurates c’tees for 2022-2023 Rotary Year



DISTRICT Governor-elect, Rotary International, District 9142, Grace Okaro has  inuagurated the Host Organising Committee (HOC) and District Team Training Seminar (DTTS)  Committee for the 2022-2023 Rotary Year.

  Present at the inaugural meeting, held at the Executive Golden Nugget Hotel, Nnewi, were the chairman of the committee, AG George Okonkwo, past assistant governors, past and present club presidents that made up the committee.

  In her speech, DGE Okaro described the inauguration as the first statutory training for the incoming officers which she said would set the tune of what is going to happen in the coming year, adding that despite all capable Rotarians in Nnewi, it was also scheduled in honour of one of the fallen best leaders in Rotary. She said that having been into Rotary for about 19 years, it is more like coming to Anambra State, her home by marriage to inaugurate the committee.

  “First of all, I wish you all a successful year which will lead us into achieving our Rotary goals. I want to also commend you for accepting to serve in the committee. But then, I want you to understand that volunteerism comes with responsibility”.

  “Since you have accepted to serve, it simply means that we are ready to pick up the mandate. It is a sacred sacrifice and I expect you people to do your best. The training aspect of the program is handled by the District Training Team, headed by Dan Ajawara, while other things rest on the committee. On that note, I want to declare this committee formally inaugurated”, she said.

  Further during the meeting, Rotarian  Okaro said the District Team Training Seminar is an annual event which is usually for the Assistant Governors and District Committee Chairs, even as the New Club Advisers, Rotaract Leaders and District Officers have also been added for the growth of membership.

  In her words, “for me, we need to pay more attention on how we grow new clubs as a result of where we get it very wrong. We are expected to pay more attention to that. There is something to get away from those people who organise clubs, trained from the onset. Getting them to share in the district ‘s vision”

 “Remember, the RI President has asked us to dream, imagine things and get them done. When she said ‘Imagine Rotary’, you look at things Rotary does and imagine making them better”.

   The Host Organising Committee Chair, AG Okonkwo, on behalf of the committee, thanked DGE Okaro and assured effective participation of the members towards making a successful rotary year.

   Highlights of the meeting were  breakfast served to Rotarians, the DTTS work out T-shirt and personal gifts presented to the  DGE by AG Okonkwo and many other Rotarians in respect of his father’s 80th birthday.

   The  members of the committee include Don Ifepe, Nwizu Ikwuamaka, Alex Chukwuemeka, James Obiora, Valentine Okafor, Ifeanyi Anierobi, Ikechukwu Uzodike, Pascal Ugwuanyi, among many others.

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