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I’ve delivered 100% projects in Ihiala II State Consituency – Anambra Deputy Speaker



DEPUTY Speaker of Anambra State House of Assembly and lawmaker, representing Ihiala 2 State Constituency, Paschal Agbodike says he has delivered 100% projects in his constituency.

  Dr Agbodike disclosed this during an exclusive interview with our correspondent in his office at the state Assembly Complex, Awka, the Anambra State capital.

  Agbodike, who stated that his stewardship at the legislature has been very eventful, noted that virtually all the communities in Ihiala Local Government Area have one project or the other instituted by him, adding that evidences abound of his community-driven projects across Ihiala.

  He said, “I have delivered a lot of projects in Ihiala 2 State Constituency and beyond. Feedbacks from my constituents reveal that I have delivered projects more than what they expected from me. “

  Agbodike emphasised that human capital development is one of the guiding principles of his representation; as a result, his Mmirioma Education Foundation has been vigorously deployed to pay school fees, as well as grant scholarships to the have and have-not in his constituency.

  He said that in the area of physical infrastructure, he built befitting market stalls at Okija Ward 5, sank borehole water facility and provided a 7.5 KVA generator for the market to guarantee constant and regular power supply.

  The project-driven legislator also disclosed that Okija Abbatoir was completely dilapidated and unfit for the slaughtering of cows for public consumptions. Hence, he consulted the traditional ruler of Okija whom he said told him the urgent need to rehabilitate the slaughter house and made it a modern abbatoir with a functional borehole water system. 

 Furthermore, Agbodike told our correspondent that he goes beyond the wants of his constituents to ascertain their felt-needs through the leaderships of the communities to enable him execute projects that will address fundamental problems. 

  He said: ” I consulted the Igwe of Ubuluisiuzo, who told me the urgent need to rehabilitate their dilapidated borehole facility. I rehabilitated it, made it functional again and gave them a 7.5 KVA generator. The people are enjoying today.

  I went to Isseke market and noticed that their major problem there is lack of water and there is no way you can ensure safe hygiene practices without portable water. So, I rehabilitated their water facility and made sure they have constant power supply to pump water for daily use.

  My projects are not social media projects. If you go to Afor-Isseke Market now, you will see that they have functional water facility. I did that through my consultations with their community leadership.

  I do grade roads every year to make sure that roads in our communities are motorable. If you go to Mbosi, my own community, you will see Ebonesie Water Scheme. That project was executed by me and it was commissioned by His Excellency, Governor Willie Obiano. I always make sure my people enjoy portable water. 

  I attracted the state government to construct Isseke-Azia-Ukpor-Mbosi Road. Before the road was impassable but I moved a motion on the floor of the House, calling on His Excellency, Governor Willie Obiano to come to the aid of my people and the 10 kilometer road was constructed. Today my people are enjoying it.

  I won’t take the glory of the construction of Isseke-Azia-Ukpor-Mbosi Road alone because some stakeholders like Chief Allen Onyema, the Chairman of Air Peace threw their weight behind me and Isseke-Azia-Ukpor-Mbosi Road became a reality. The road has just one kilometer in my community Mbosi but the greater part of it is in other communities.

  One thing that is conspicuously obvious in my representation is that I am not sectional. I distribute projects evenly to enable communities in my constituency get fair share of the dividends of my stewardship in the legislature.

  I went to His Excellency ,Governor Willie Obiano to request for electric transformers. I did that through the presidents-general and the Ministry of Public Utilities and every community in Ihiala 2 State Constituency got transformers, including Okija.

  Every year, I visit schools across Ihiala 2 Constituency and beyond to know those dilapidated and require renovations. I compile their names and submit them to Anambra State Universal Basic Education Board and follow it up to make sure government renovated the affected schools.

  If you go to Community Secondary School, Isseke, you will see a lot of renovated buildings. If you go to Mbosi Primary School, Azia, Lilu and other communities, you will see what I have done in their schools. I do all these to show my people quality representation.

  Virtually all the schools in Okija have new buildings courtesy of my facilitations in the legislature. There is no year I will not share food items to my constituents. I did more of it during the COVID-19 sit-at-home era. People were hungry and I intervened with bags of rice and other food items. I got commendations from far and near for remembering our people in their most difficult times.

   I pray to God that if I am fortunate to go to Abuja as a House of Reps member, a lot of projects will be attracted to Ihiala Local Government Area. As a two-term member of the state assembly and a presiding officer of the House, if I get to the House of Reps, I will not be considered a non-ranking member because I already have the requisite experience and technical know-how for the task ahead. 

  However, I am willing to present myself for an election. The Federal House of Representatives Seat for Ihiala is being zoned to Ebonesie. There is no micro-zoning in Ihiala Local Government Area and every person from Ebonesie is free to declare interest to contest for the seat.

  In Ebonesie already, an Osumoghu man is contesting, an Azia man is contesting. A Lilu man is contesting. An Mbosi man may decide to contest. An Ubuluisiuzo man may also decide to contest. So there is no written document anywhere saying that an Mbosi man is not qualified to contest. There is no micro-zoning in Ihiala Local Government Area and every community in my constituency has felt the impact of my representation in the legislature. “

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