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Knights of St John Int’l, Awka Grand Commandery gets new exco



THE  work of a Knight is not all about money, Knighthood is a noble society but not only the rich are welcome to the group but those who  are ready to serve God and run the race of heaven.

  This statement was made by one of the spiritual advisers,  Knight of St John International, Awka Grand Commandery and Ladies Auxiliary, Rev Fr Alexander Ezema, during the thanksgiving mass to mark the end and commencement of tenure, held at KSJI Temple, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Awka.

  Fr. Ezema charged the noble knights and their ladies to act like Christians in discharging their duties just to the knighthood. While appreciating the works of the outgoing grand commanders, the priest charged the new ones to be committed in their duties in maintaining the pace in which the Commandery of Awka and Ekwulobia Dioceses is moving. He also cautioned that being grand commanders do not insinuate having money but that the first reason of being a knight is for the salvation of soul.

  ‘Most people think being a grand commander is because one has money. The  first reason of being a knight is  for  the salvation of soul,’ he noted.

   The new grand president,  Ezeuchu Jonathan, expressed gratitude to God for finding him worthy of serving as the grand president of Awka Grand Commandery, KSJI. 

  Sir Ezeuchu noted that “my predecessor did very well and I promise to do more, most especially as we are expected to improve on our spiritual level that is why we are KSJI. We have been strengthened  enough to go and preach the gospel.

  The immediate past Grand President, Awka Grand Commandery, KSJI, Brig. Gen. Tony Okeke, expressed gratitude to God for the grace of working for the society. ” I feel very happy handing over to the other person because he got what it takes to do the work . We started with God in my own tenure and we are doing so this time around so He can be with the new executives”.

  The Spiritual Director, Knight of St John International, Rev. Fr. Evaristus Ifeanacho, described knighthood as a very good society and a branch of Christian association that bear witness in particular through their lives and activities but above all, through their lives.

  Overall president of the Noble Sisters, Prof. Loyce Onyeali, noted that the impact of women in the knighthood starts from the family.

  ‘What a woman does in the family is what we do here. Without the woman, this order will not stand very well.

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