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Soludo 2022:Tradition of emulation of emultables (II)



IN THE last edition, I ended with the testimony of Engr. (Dr) Jesophat Kanayo Okoye Ph.D, about Israel. In this edition, I shall start with another testimony in his book: “Buoyed on the Wings of Destiny.” 2021, page 242, as follows:

  “A particularly remarkable case was a mango plantation adorning a previously barren desert land captured by Israel during the 1967 Middle East War (incidentally started by the Arab). The mango trees were nurtured by nutrient rich water fed the trees at root level, via computer controlled drip irrigation, ensuring that the right quantity and quality of water has provided the trees for optimum growth and yield. The huge fruits produced by these trees, which were no taller than the human height, were unbelievable.

  “Similarly, I couldn’t but admire the Israelis when the restaurant where my hosts treated me to a dinner served us over 25 varieties of meat. Also, the Israelis I encountered during my graduate studies at Caltech University, America, were certainly some of the best brains I ever met during my academic years. In fact, I truly doff my hat off to these special breed people of the world.”

  There is an Igbo adage that nobody abandons a place of title ceremony for a place of ritual sacrifice. (A naghi ahapu ebe a na-echi ozo jebe ebe a na-alu agwu).

  So, as the Israelis have all that make great nation, Anambra should emulate Israel and domesticate and replicate their system. Israel should be the Mother Country of Anambra. Let us look at their area of agriculture. The testimony of Engr. (Dr) J. K. Okoye has shown that they have superior and emulatable characteristics. It will be recalled that Anambra State Government, in compliance with the resolution reached by 17 Southern Governors Forum, to ban open grazing, has done so.

The House of Assembly enacted a law on that and the governor accented to it. But open grazing is being practiced by herdsmen with impunity. But the most efficacious means to check the lawlessness of herdsmen is to engage in cattle ranching. The Israeli are experts in cattle ranching.

That is why they have enough products from cattle, for example, meat, milk, leather goods, to satisfy their large population of visitors from the entire Christian world, who visit their Holy land frequently, on pilgrimage. Anambra State should go into trade agreement with Israel for large scale cattle ranching.

They have good species of cattle suitable for profitable ranching. It is true that Governor Obiano advocated for Efi Igbo and captured it in the 2022 Budget. But it is doubtful that Efi Igbo can satisfy the quantity demand of people, because it is small in size compared to Efi Hausa.

But the Israeli can introduce better specie than even Efi Hausa. Even, at numerous Igbo festivals, example, ofala, chieftaincy, marriages, church ceremonies, and even commercialisation by butchers, they don’t patronise Efi Igbo, but Efi Hausa. When our ranches produce cows, we shall boycott Efi Hausa and use non patronage to combat their lawlessness.

  So, when the Israeli come, they could be engaged on the system of Build, Operate, Train and Transfer (BOTT), for about three years, and handover to our people. The engagement of Israel is highly imperative, as the modern cattle ranching has advantages of “Value Chain Development Programme, (VCDP).” These are cattle market for sale of live cows, abattoirs, for sale of meat, milk industry for manufacture of liquid and powder, leather industry, etc. The technology that the VCDP can entail shall create jobs and generate revenue for internally generated revenue (IGR), because the ranches shall pay company tax and the workers pay income tax.

  Sometime ago, it was rumoured that Northern indigenes forbade their traders to sell their grains to Southern customers, especially Ndigbo. So with the system of holistic mechanised agriculture by Israel, grains such as beans, corn, millet, wheat, pepper, etc., can be added to rice, which is already doing well in Anambra, to make Anambra self sufficient in food. This is imperative as the menu of cooked beans and roasted plantain are popular menu among our people.

  To consolidate food sufficiency in Anambra, as in Israel, graduates from Anambra State College of Agriculture, Mgbakwu, should be sent to Israel for their post graduate courses. So, when students graduate from Mgbakwu, go for youth service, on return, they should be sent to Israel for advanced courses, in both theory and practical. The agric education agreemen, with Israel, should start from the first year of Soludo’s first term; after four years of first term, the Israel products shall man our University of Agriculture, and domesticate and replicate their experiences and knowledge from Israel.

Road Infrastructure

  People, who go on pilgrimage to Israel, tell us that after any rainfall, when people came outside, nobody would believe that there was rain a few minutes ago. This is because the roads were not waterlogged. Their superior technology makes rain-water to be channeled into drainage which was meticulously maintained. The clean environment seen in the township are also witnessed in the villages.

  It will be recalled that on assumption of office in 2014, Governor Obiano noticed the vulnerable nature of security, convened security summit, and invited Israelis to provide their expertise. Their recommendations were implemented and Anambra achieved successes as the safest state in Nigeria. On assumption of office on March 17, 2022, Soludo should regard roads as collapsed entity. He should declare state of emergency on roads, especially at Awka Capital City, convene “Road Summit” and invite Israeli Civil Engineers as consultants. In fact, roads in Anambra State should be contracted to Israel. They should be asked to transfer the technology of road infrastructure from their capital, Tel Aviv, to Awka, Anambra’s capital.

  It will be recalled that on assumption of office in 2014, Governor Obiano considered traffic hazards in Awka, and built three flyovers at Amawbia By-pass/Express Junction, Kwata Junction, Aroma Junction. In like manner, Soludo should consider the necessity of vehicle pedestrian flyovers at strategic junctions in Awka Capital city. The flash points to be considered for vehicle/pedestrian flyover should be: Udoka/Ngozika Junction, Regina Caeli/Expressway Junction, Ifite Road/Step Junction, Abuja Estate/Government House Junction, Ezeuzu/Immigration Junction, UNIZIK Second Gate/Adoration Centre Junction.

  When Israeli type of food sufficiency, road construction and maintenance, security gallantry, holistic industrialisation and commercialisation are manifested in Anambra State, Soludo would have justified the confidence that people reposed in him for good governance, and voted for him in the election of November 6, 2021.

  In this tradition of emulation of emulatables, the Governor Eelect of Anambra State, Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo should imbibe the adage that “water, water, water. Cast your bucket where you are in order to discover fresh water, instead of looking for it elsewhere”. In this perspective, we search for role models from Anambra State.

We beam our search light at Right Honorable Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe (Zik), a native of Onitsha, in Onitsha North Local Government Area, Anambra State. From his adolescent age of 16, as a student of Methodist Boys High School, Lagos, in 1920, Zik heeded the advice of Rev, Dr. James Aggrey, that “Only The Best Is Good Enough For Africa”. In his advocacy for independence for Nigeria, Zik knew that it was economic independence that could consolidate political independence, to crystallise “The Best For Nigeria”.

As premier of Eastern Nigeria (1954-1960), Zik applied prudent appropriation of funds and built the first indigenous university in Nigeria, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), which was opened in the year of independence in 1960. This was to produce educated and skilled manpower for the new nation. Zik brought education experts from America, who drew the course outline for the new university, and affiliated the oniversity to Linchol University, America, his alma matter. This is why UNN is one of the best universities in Africa.

  Soludo should emulate Zik and aim at building the first University of Aviation in Anambra. He should take advantage of the existence of Anambra State Inyernational Passenger and Cargo Airport in Umueri, Anambra State, and go into the investment for University of Aviation. The university should be affiliated to Israel for the best course outline.

  It will be recalled that on getting independence for Israel in 1948, the leader of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, aimed at economic independence, to consolidate political independence. They commenced on building their capital at Tel Aviv, with infrastructures of Seaport at the bank of their sea, and airport in the hinterland. In the airport, they built training school for innovations and building the aeroplanes for their transportation by air to American and European countries for supply of goods they needed.

But at the same time, they started innovations and inventions and built their own aeroplanes and trained their own pilots. They were able to build passenger and cargo aeroplanes, and also jet bombers and jet fighters for their self defence to preserve the independence.

  When Zik contested for presidency of Nigeria in 1979 and 1983, he identified all solid and liquid mineral deposits in Nigeria in their locations and the type of raw materials for industries. It was then that Zik said that solid mineral, uranium, is located in Nigeria, and that it is raw material for manufacturing aeroplanes.

When President Buhari congratulated Soludo for his victory at the governorship election, Buhari reminded Soludo that he is a member of the National Economic Council, and so, he, Soludo, should regard Nigeria as his area of jurisdiction in economic development. So, Soludo should resuscitate Zik’s manifesto for his campaigns in 1979 and 1983, identity the location of uranium in Nigeria, and appropriate it as raw materials for the Aviation University.

Luckily, when Governor Willie Obiano acquired land for the Anambra International Passenger and Cargo Airport, he planned for sundry investments, and got 1500 hectares of land for it. Luckily, the airport is situated at the boundary of Umueri, Nteje, Umunya, Nkwelle-Ezunaka. The virgin land at the location should provide enough land for expansion into necessary investments.

  So, Soludo should enter into alliance with Israel, for the University of Aviation at Anambra, with uranium as raw material sourced from Nigeria.

  As Peter The Great of Russia, in 1695, went to Englad and brought skilled technicians to teach his people about ship building, Soludo should go to Israel, and bring intellectual professors and skilled technicians to appropriate the raw material of uranium in Nigeria, and train Anambra people, in both theory and practical in the art of building aeroplanes.

  Luckily, there is motor manufacturing in Anambra, by Innoson Motor Manufacturing Company, Nnewi. The productions from Nnewi, shall complement the needs in the new Aviation University, to produce all that are needed for the University of Aviation, both for administration, manufacturing, operation, commercialisation.

  To buttress the choice of Israel as the role model, in fact, the mother country, for the airport in particular, and other developmental projects in Anambra, let us look at the testimony of Engr (Dr) Josephat Kanayo Okoye Ph.D. In his book, “Buoyed on the Wings of Destiny, 2021, page 242, as follows:

  “In addition to the Holy sites, I was given a tour of the country side to behold some of the innovations of the Israeli people. Though persecuted in and chased out of Europe some years back, the Jews have not only recovered from their rejection to become a leading light in technology. They are now a nuclear powered nation, and a foremost player in world technical developments. I saw desert lands and rugged topographic areas converted into productive communities.”

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