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I almost died in COVID-19 quarantine FCT Min



MINISTER of the Federal Capital Territory, Malam Muhammad Musa Bello nearly lost his life to COVID-19 when he was quarantined for three weeks after testing positive to the disease at the end of last year.

  Recounting his experience over the weekend after taking a COVID-19 booster jab, Bello said he only survived the ailment because he had taken two doses of its vaccines.

  “Although I was not hospitalised, I was quarantined in my residence for three weeks because subsequently, even after taking the medication, I tested positive twice. It was the third time that I got a negative result. If I had not taken the first and second doses, probably what has happened to many of my dear ones would have happened to me,” he admitted.

  Whiling also recounted bout of headaches, sore throat, pains in the joints and general fatigue and other symptoms that bested his fight with the virus, he said it necessitated change of course of his medicine after the first 10 days.

  “For three weeks, I was not productive. I didn’t go out of the house, I never had a chance to do my work and the multiplier effect was tremendous because even now, I’m just trying to cope, to clear all those files that I was not able to handle when I was under quarantine,” he said.

  Therefore, the minister made a case for all FCT residents to be vaccinated and advised those who have taken the first and second doses to go for the booster.

  He thanked the federal government for ensuring the availability of the vaccines for Nigerians, while urging residents to get vaccinated as vaccines can truly save lives.

  Also, Secretary for Health and Human Services of the FCTA, Dr. Abubakar Tafida said that a total of 433,000 people in the FCT had taken the first dose and 286,000 the second dose. 

  He said about 12,000 people had taken the booster shot.

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