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Anambra-born philanthropist offers scholarship to 111 undergraduates



AN ANAMBRA-born philanthropist, Israel Ezeadiruo has offered full scholarship to over 100 students from different higher institutions across the country and the FCT.

  Mr. Ezeadiruo, who hails from Ebenator in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State, disclosed this on Sunday in his social media posts to mark his 30th birthday.

  According to him, 3 beneficiaries will be selected from each of the 36 states of the federation and the FCT, and their school fees fully paid till their graduation from their various institutions.

  While revealing that the exercise is championed through the Israel Ezeadiruo Foundation, the Abuja-based philanthropist and business mogul, who is a Political Science graduate of University of Abuja, also recounted his experiences and ‘hard days’ as an undergraduate and further noted that the scholarship is exclusively for indigent students.

  Titled “For My 30th Birthday Celebration, Full Scholarship to 111 Nigerian Undergraduate Students”, the post reads:

  “It’s a great 30th birthday for me. Going down the memory lane and considering my achievements so far, it will be unfair not to count my blessings; and as well in my own little way, give back to the society. This decision is within the purviews of my commitment to uplift lives, even as mine is being uplifted.

  “My days as an undergraduate were not rosy, as it was filled with thorns or hardship. From support from a petty business, to borrowing in other to pay my fees and foot other bills…all thanks to my mother. And yes, there were debts I had to eventually clear, years after graduation.

  I found it a burden upon myself to return the same support I received, to those who are currently where I was, especially to students who are at the verge of quitting their academic pursuit, sake of inability to pay school fees.

  “As earlier stated, the beneficiaries will be strictly poor students who are unable to stay in school or continue their academic activities because they are unable to pay their school fees. Measures are currently being put in place to ensure transparency to a large extent hence setting up a team, few months ago, to help scout for students across Nigeria, who fall into the category as already stated above.

  “To further aid in actualizing this purpose, a foundation, Israel Ezeadiruo Foundation, has been established and commissioned for this purpose and related ones. This foundation shall also in due time, provide financial assistance to help selected young Nigerians to start up their choice businesses or secure jobs.

  “It is necessary to emphasize that none of the qualified benefactors will receive the fees in cash, but it will be sent to their respective heads of department who will then pay to the school and issue them the appropriate receipt for clearance. We have made efforts in this regard, within the past one month, and set up national and regional teams to serve as point of contact for the system to work efficiently and effectively.

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