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Women’ll save Nigeria from corruption – James



THE president of a political pressure group in Anambra State, called Women Alliance, Amb. Karen James has said that women should come on board and join forces with her organisation to help reduce the level of corruption in the country.

  She also stated that Women Alliance will no longer tolerate having those she described as grannies rule the country hence the need to rise up to the occasion and vote according to one’s conscience considering the fact that e-voting won’t be allowed.

  She said, “we love our husbands, our children and we love those who love God”, noting that youths deserve to be given a chance to rule between the ages of 30-60 and that any age above that was unacceptable.

  The Women Alliance President said Nigeria needed to be delivered from corruption and corrupt practices and it is only women in politics that can bring such deliverance and salvation to the country. 

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