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Anambra 2022 Governorship Transition Committee Members’ works, sacrifices



 WE NEED to restate that the transition committee’s key mandate is to get the Anambra Governor- Elect ready to govern and the outgoing governor disengage in a blaze of glory. Fortunately, the change of power is from one APGA government to another APGA government.

Therefore, it is as they say a family affair as both the government team and the transition team are working as a unified team. The fact not to be overlooked, however, is that a state government like Anambra is a huge bureaucracy and as such, information is key in its successful running.

In summary, the committee is currently immersed in unraveling all necessary information that will enable her determine where Anambra is and from their recommendations, where the state should be in the best interest of the people who overwhelmingly voted for Cee Cee Soludo as governor in the November 6, 2021 election.

  That fact is that contrary to the impression in some quarters, the work of the committee did not start and end with the three- day inauguration/retreat. The inaugural session/retreat was essentially to enable members have a feel for the demands of the assignment and give the Dr Oby Ezekwesili leadership the opportunity to  get members  be in the same page with the template for problem identification and solution provision. So, the end of the three – day session was indeed the beginning of the real work of the committee.

  Further, members have been assigned to work in sub-committees based on their experiences and talents. Additional resources have been sourced and assigned to sub-committees where shortage of expertise was identified. The sub-committees are fervently holding physical and online meetings in addition to numerous interactions with the relevant ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) to ascertain the current state of affairs and recommend the way forward. There is also a secretariat to assist the sub-committees  put together in the best professional manners, their presentations and reports.

  There is no doubt that the assignment is very tasking and demanding of the time, talents and resources of the members. Notwithstanding that they are paying to serve, their energies, devotions and passions are palpable and infectious. They are committed to the smooth take-off of the journey to a livable and prosperous homeland. What of you?

Anatune wrote from Awa

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