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Citizen Maduabuchi’s death and rise in trend of wanton killings



THE killing of Maduabuchi Nnofu, a blind activist, by his sibling, Onyedika Nnofu at Eziagulu Village, Ekwulobia, in Aguata Local Government Council Area of Anambra State, and subsequent setting of the house in which he was lying ablaze by the assailant, brings to the fore, the shocking rise of cases of unconscionable resort to taking of life by the present-day youth in this generation. Citizen Maduabuchi Nnofu was an activist being the Coordinator of Joint National Association of Persons with Disability, Aguata Local Government Area Branch.

  ACCORDING to accounts, there has been a lingering dispute over a piece of land owned by the family which both were allegedly laying claim to; and Onyedikachi threatened to send his brother to the beyond.

  THE resort to murder without exhausting remedial measures by the family and kindred and even village meetings made the youth of the village mobilise themselves to descend ruthlessly on the assailant but for the prompt intervention of the police who took him to the station for detention to allow due process of law to take place.

   THE Special Adviser to  Governor Obiano on Disability Matters, Chuks Ezewuzie, who rued  the gory incident had described it as “unfortunate”, stating that the deceased was a “vibrant leader in disability community and a visually impaired, who can never hurt a soul”.

    IT IS  hair-raising and patently inextricable to observe the ready resort to killing by the youths of the present generation who conveniently ignore seeking recourse from the community’s arbitration platforms like family, kindred, village meetings, elder’s forum and traditional ruler’s cabinets, where such issues are intrinsically examined based on  customs and traditions where rewards are given while sanctions are meted out.

  THE Ekwulobia community surely might have expected that Maduabuchi and Onyedika and their parents ought to have taken advantage of those platforms to resolve the purported land matter since according to accounts, the issue had been lingering with Onyedika issuing murder threats.

   ONE would wonder if the murder threats were made covertly hence the inability of the parents, kindred members or neighbours to raise the alarm and lay complaint to the kindred, Umuada and by extension, to the village meeting or even  the domain of the community’s traditional ruler for adjudication with his cabinet as being done in many communities to avoid police case and resort to unpalatable narratives like killing.

  PROBABLY, there should be a need for public enlightenment ostensibly to drum into the ears and hearts of the youth in this present generation to know that shedding of blood has disastrous and lingering adverse implications on one’s life and children and grand children. In many cases as done in the hoary past, shedding of blood resulted in the assailant  being ostracized for a good number of years. On the expiration of the sanction and return from exile, series of rituals like sacrifice of goat and other animals had to be performed by the traditional priest to cleanse the villain and reintegrate him into the socio-economic life of the community.

    WITH reference to the above historical account, one might attribute the refrain of the youths in this day and age like “I will kill you, I will kill somebody, I will deal ruthlessly with you, I will burn your house, I will burn your vehicle…etc” to the dumping of the above mentioned traditional religious rituals due to the emerging beliefs in modern religions. But the worrisome happenings have tended to show that those traditional practices might have to be reinvented with moderation probably to avert the patently or proverbial “wrath of the gods and ancestral progenitors”.

  APART from that, the present youth should be made to believe in diplomatic language which states that “to jaw jaw is better than to war war,” meaning that continued petitions, dialogue and mutually valued inter-face seeking  the opinions of one’s betters and seniors in age are far better than resort to gruesome acts like murder, burning and mindless destruction of property and sundry heinous acts that depict a state of primitivism and homicidal savages of primitive societies read in history. They also should be made to understand that they would regret such abrasive path in a near future on reflections of life and ageing process.

TAKING into accounts of the recurring incidences like the Ekwulobia in many communities, we say that the communities’ arbitration platforms really might have lost value or the grip in settling intra and inter family cases given the sad development that people with surplus money have upper hand in the settlement of disputes while justice is thrown to the dogs hence the ready resort to savagery like murder, arson and sundry hair-raising criminal gambits. Of course, in such deplorable state of affairs, human worth has been thrown into the scrap heaps to re-enact the medieval Hobbesian state of nature where life is patently worthless, brute and short.  

  To be frank and forthright, National Light believes that the family, extended family and kindred of Maduabchi and Onyedika have quantum explanations to make  on why the supposed lingering land matter was not nipped in the bud by taking advantage of the arbitration platforms in the community. Thus, the relevant questions are: Was anything like mental imbalance, psychological trances, ‘spiritual attacks’ traceable to the linage? Was the assailant one of those addicted to mind-influencing substances and the recent dangerous one called “mkpulu mmili? Was there trace of murder incident in the family lineage which begets “curse” that we know has lingering aftermath if not treated in the traditional way or by  “deliverance” by the credible ministers of the gospel?

  THESE questions are what the immediate family or kindred ought to have examined in the expected series of intervention going by the account that the duo had been exchanging vituperation on the  land issue and probably other issues bothering on inheritance or traditional rivalry among siblings.

  GOOD parents are expected to be sensitive to the mental or psychological acts of their children as they are growing from childhood to adolescent, even as they are in the marriageable bracket. In fact, to asseverate that there might be a flow of ‘curse’ in the family that could predispose Onyedika to the weird satisfaction or without qualms, not only killing his half brother but mustered the nerve and temerity [or went the extra mile as it were], to incinerate the family house even as the corpse or the still struggling and unconscious Maduabuchi in the pool of blood was inside the house. What a tragic and unconscionable bravado! We call on the police  not leave any stone unturned to get to the root of the gory incident.

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