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The money race



MAN has a natural inclination towards seeking and pursuing whatever it is that will ensure his survival. Mankind has passed through several historical ages till these modern times. Despite the challenges, man has always found a way to survive, by hook or by crook.

  We always selfishly seek to make this earth a better place for us and the people we care for. We have also seen our brilliance made manifest at different stages of history; from hunting wild beasts and gathering fruits, to making farm tools and weapons of war, to this era of industrialisation and capitalism. All these cascade of events that have taken place in time past is driven by the desire of man to survive and, in these modern times, the creation of wealth.

  A notable and sad fact is that there seems to be no end to all these, because human wants are indeed insatiable, according to the famous economist,  Marshall. Even though we realise this fact, we all want to continue moving with the trend so that we can live as comfortable as we can while we are still breathing. This is what I have tagged as the “money race”.

  Money here refers to all material resources. I equate money also with our quest for survival because currencies in general are the fuel we survive with in modern times. You can now imagine the severity of the money race since it is beyond satisfying human wants and more about surviving in itself.

  In this age, water, food, shelter, security and many other needs and wants can only be attained when there is money. The issue of “money rush” is an insight into the necessary measures we take to attain these needs and wants.

  Streamlining the issue to the youths, as they are the most active in the race, youths have been let down grossly by the society. The government and other institutions of the society have continued to prove to them that there is no hope of survival. They grew up to face the severity and mercilessness of life’s aggressive reality of which most didn’t expect to be as hectic as it comes to them.

  Many youths have realised by witness or experience that:  Life is tough, going to school doesn’t guarantee a job, not to talk of a good one, being too soft in life allows people trample upon your rights, not having money is like having an engine without fuel, people don’t really care much about others as everyone has their own big battles to fight and so many more.

  The sudden realisation of these strikes the centre core of their “smiling sun” philosophy of life which they had while growing up and reveals the severity of the burning heat from the same sun which they thought smiled at them.

  Even though individuals react differently when this realisation hits them, the definite instinctive response is that everyone must find a means to survive. How? The money race!!!

  Money comes with a sense of security and solves almost all of issues humans face on daily basis. The hectic and bloody race for it for some lucky individuals started from our progenitors who gave some of us their baton by: Bequeathing their own wealth to us, sending us to school, putting us in a position to learn skills to improve our lives and many more.

  Meanwhile some others saw the left side of fate by being born orphans or other related circumstances. The above serves as a foundation to: Justify the money race since it is more about survival than gratification, understand the reason why the money race is a very tough one as every single human being is on this course, come to terms with the fact that there will be increasing implications of the modern skills we all adopt to run the race because we all have diverse philosophies and experiences.

  The third point is very crucial to note. We have seen that the money race is very much justifiable and of course, every race is tough, but the implications of our modern strategy has been emphasised because we all get to a point in the race when we choose between desire and conscience. We will have to decide to either follow good conscience or selfishly furnish our ‘desires’, no matter what it takes.

  In as much as we must run this race with all our might for our sake and that of our children, I believe we shouldn’t trample upon morality in the process. This is because there is obviously an end to every race. The end could come as death or complete financial freedom.

  The reasons why we should be careful of the tools we employ in this race are:

  The race surely has an end. Therefore, the aftermath is something we should really keep in mind.    

  When we run it recklessly at the expense of other people’s space and freedom, we are not justified to deserve compassion when the fruits of evil we sow come forth.

   Peace of mind is health. When our conscience is free, we will have true joy as we run along the track. There is obviously no benefit in finishing the race with blood of our fellow men dripping from our teeth, hands and down our clothes.

   Can we be satisfied and happy watching our children follow the same principles we are running the money race with? If not, we should reconsider.

  In summary, we should allow what is right to remain right. There are so much more to live for than money. Love and patience should be our weapons as we keep running. No matter how long or tough it seems, we will reach the finish line by being consistent in our legal business, academics and other aspects of our lives.

  We must not let our conscience be smeared by greed, bitterness, weariness, frustration and other negative “vibes”.

  Hard work and patience pays and there are a lot of living testimonies if you can only remove the blindness of selfishness and impatience.

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