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Rotary District Governor urges togetherness among members for greater success



DISTRICT Governor Elect (DGE) of District 9142, Rotary International, Grace Okaro has called on Rotarians to work as a team and dwell in love as they move forward to achieve greater success in 2022-2023 Rotary Year.  Okaro said this during the two-day District Team Training Seminar (DTTS), 2022, held in Nnewi Hotel and Event Centre in Uruagu Nnewi, Nnewi North Local Government Area of Anambra State. 

Rotatrians and Rotaractors , comprising the Assistant Governors, District Committee Chairs, New Club Advisers, and District Rotaract Leaders across seven states that made up of the district were present for the training.  Speaking during the seminar, the Past District Governor, Dan Ajawara welcomed the participants and thanked them for accepting to serve Rotary in the next Rotary Year, noting that  it will enable them to know their roles in their clubs. 

In her address, DGE Grace Okaro, on behalf the Rotary International President Elect, Jennifer Jones presented some key points being mapped out for the next Rotary Year such as increase Rotary impact in communities, eradicate polio; enhance member engagement through personal growth, leadership development and networking opportunities, increase collaboration between interact and Rotaract Clubs, to increase ability to adapt through visual connectivity, service projects and fund raising, diversity, equity and inclusion in every level of leadership, even as she also urged them to dwell in love just as St. Valentine was celebrated, noting that love is the bases of all human co-existence. 

According to her, “without love, there will not be peace. Peace is one of the areas of our focus in Rotary which is peace building and conflict prevention. We need love to move forward both in our clubs, communities and especially our district. It is only where there is love that we can be able to do things together, collaborate and partner with each other.” 

Okaro, who also described Rotary Motto as “Service Above Self” appealed to Rotatrians to make good relationship of love with one another, encourage their upcoming leaders in the clubs specially the Rotaracts, adding that through the circulation of leadership in Rotary, RI President can be selected from the district.  “Wherever you are, you are a leader there. There are people looking forward to emulate you. So, we should be conscious of that. When you have a defendable team, the sky will be your starting point rather than your limit.

 Leaders should be in the front. We need love to work together, work side by side with each other and also reach to our international partners. Let us take love as our watch word than to do things because of the recognition we will get from individuals. Let us do what we are expected to do because District 9142 is very important to us.”  “Our success this time around will be marvelous. we should be up and doing in our various duties.

  Everyone who engages with Rotary should feel valued, respected and welcomed. These are what you can do only when you have love. We have to be more open and accommodating, listen, share ideas and be able to guide people. Show your knowledge or direct to those who knows better. I am appealing to us to do well and project our district well. Rotary expects that we should contribute to the foundation.” 

Also speaking, the Past District Governor, Ndukwe Chukwu said that the philosophy behind club membership is taking a bold step to achieve attractive goals in the club and being honest among each other.  “What I want in our district is a district with great potentials. In terms of membership growth, it requires our attention and focus. We are holding this seminar to train both the club advisers and Rotaract leaders.

When we see people who are chartering a new club, please let us encourage them.”  He further pointed out some challenges faced by clubs such as the ability to start a new club, retain members, engage members and pay dues and also appealed to all Rotarians to perform well so as to win awards at the district level.  The District Governor, Okey Okonkwo said, “indeed, we have to grow Rotary and while doing that, we have to apply the 4-Way Test. If your club is progressing and projects going on, people will join. That is the way to grow. I want to also appeal to us to donate to Polio foundation.

Our little contribution means a lot to Rotary. We need to step up. Begin now to be the leaders and become exceptionally successful in the next Rotary year”.  Some leaders who were also present during the training include the Past Assistant Governors,  Emman Ude Akpeh, Sam Uko, District Governor Nominee, Akan Emah, Kaycee Anyanwu, Rotaractor Edu Udo and many others. 

Highlights of the program include presentation of letters of appointment to the Assistant Governors Designate, cutting of the 117th birthday anniversary cake to celebrate the existence of Rotary International found on 23rd February, 1905, by Paul Percy Harris in Chicago, USA ,as well as celebration of Rotarians who were born in February.

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