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International Judo Federation suspends Putin as world’s honourary president



WORLD judo governing body, International Judo FederationI (IJU) has suspended the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, as it’s honorary president, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

  A statement from the international body on Sunday, read: “In light of the ongoing war (conflict) in Ukraine, the International Judo Federation announces the suspension of Mr. Vladimir Putin’s status as Honorary President and Ambassador of the International Judo Federation.”

  Putin is a keen judo player and has reached the level of black belt in the sport. Russia has huge influence in judo with IJU President, Marius Vizer considered a friend of Putin and the European governing body is led by Russian Sergey Soloveychik.

  Both bodies receive considerable sponsorship from Russia. The planned Grand Slam in Kazan in May was cancelled on Friday.

  Russia is becoming increasingly isolated in the sports world. Poland and Sweden have said they would not play against Russia in the play-offs for the World Cup in Qatar.

  European football ruling body, UEFA has already said matches cannot be played in Russia or Ukraine.

  Also, it is set to consider the sponsorship deal it has with Russian state firm, Gazprom.

  Hans-Joachim Watzke, interim president of the German federation, said it was “dirty money” that “we cannot take any more”.

  Presidential candidate, Peter Peters said it was “a clear yes” to ending the cooperation.

  Gazpom sponsor the UEFA Champions League and Euro 2024 in Germany but Schalke 04, a second division side have already removed their name from their shirts.

  Volleyball is one of the few sports still considering a major event in Russia with the men’s world championships scheduled for August.

  This is under review though, with some nations saying they will not travel to Russia to take part.

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