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Maternal health: Experts advocate digital data management



MEDICAL experts have advocated for the domestication and institutionalisation of Maternal and Perinatal Death Surveillance Response (MPDSR) system in health facilities, saying that the method will help reduce maternal and child mortality.

  The experts equally underscored the importance of electronic MPDRS platform, noting that the system would eliminate maternal and perinatal mortality by obtaining and using information surrounding maternal and perinatal deaths to guide public health actions and monitor their impact.

  Speaking during an online media training organised for journalists by the Federal Ministry of Health, in collaboration with Rotary Maternal and Child Health(RMCH), German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development and Rotary Action Group for Reproductive Health, Deputy Director Safe Motherhood and MPDSR Desk Officer, Federal Ministry of Health, Dr Samuel Oyeniyi, said that the aim of MPDSR in Nigeria is to review all the maternal and newborn deaths that occur in each health facility and community.

  Dr Oyeniyi in his lecture entitled,’ Benefits of Digital Electronic Data Management System for MPDSR in Nigeria ‘ , informed that the system would provide information and data that will lead to specific recommendations and actions to improve evaluation of records in that area of interest.

  Giving the importance of electronic platform, the medical personnel said that the method is web-based, captures all maternal and perinatal deaths, and has incorporated capturing tools and notification of deaths done by sending text messages.

  “The method reports recommendation, response, actions and indicates review meetings updates for any facility”, he informed.

According to him, the electronic platform is built on the principle of regular documentation of salient medical data through remote mobile devices, automatic death notification and report generation in hospitals at the local, state and national levels.

  Dr Oyeniyi gave the objectives of digital electronic data management system for MPDSR to include improved maternal and child  health in the country, which helps to systematically collect data on maternal and perinatal deaths using the Nigeria MPDSR guidelines, to identify and report all maternal and perinatal deaths, determine the causes of death, contributing factors and the review of all maternal and perinatal death using facility records, verbal autopsies, notification and collection of accurate data and interpretation of data collected.

  He gave the benefits of the electronic platform to include; prompt data transmission , data storage, automated deaths review process, improve time management in implementation, ease of data use by policy makers, minimisation of paper use in data entering and report on recommendation, response and actions.

  Dr Oyeniyi opined that the platform would improve professional performances of clinical staff, serve as valuable advocacy tool and sustainably strengthen Nigeria health system.

  While espousing that the electronic platform is web-based and data entry can be done with ease using mobile smart phone and access possible through laptops, Dr Oyeniyi said the method does not require specific devices and operating systems for data entry and can be applied in all geographical areas.

  According to the medical personnel for MPDSR to become institutionalised in Nigeria, it was pertinent that appropriate enabling laws would be enacted by the national and state assemblies.

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