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Obiano and his enviable virtues



TO BE precise, March 17,2022,the governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano (Akpokuedike) will hand over the mantle of leadership of the state to Prof. Chukwuma Soludo. Definitely, history will chronicle his actions and inactions as the Governor of the state. This writer believes strongly that posterity will judge him positively based on his antecedents and very enviable achievements. 

This writer is concerned mostly about the character of the man, Willie Obiano. He is no doubt, a technocrat per excellence, who is imbued with financial and economics knowledge. He is cerebral upstairs; a highly reputable management consultant who profoundly understands how to improve finances of organizations, including state governments.

lnformed by the enviable credentials of Obiano, stakeholders in Anambra State and the former governor of the state, Mr Peter Obi, threw their weight behind him(Obiano) to ensure his victory as governor, almost eight years ago. Yes, indeed, it was a good choice and through God, their dream became manifest.

The people of Anambra are thankful to Mr Obi for supporting the candidature of Mr Obiano. Just as their names imply, Obi and Obiano, the people of the state were bestowed with four Obis (Obi square 4) which translates to goodness to ndi Anambra; thus, synonymous with greater achievements in the state.              

However, Obiano’s intellectual sagacity and academic prowess did not get into his head. Throughout his administration as governor of the state, he has been humble and unassuming. This humility endears him greatly to the people of the state, particularly, the down trodden in the society. His visits to some communities saw him communicate in vernacular most times to enable the people understand him well.

He used to come down to their level. His town hall meetings are usually interesting and exciting because virtually everyone participates. He allows for questions and even throws his questions to the people; very interactive and enriching to the benefits of the people.    He is also known for his hardwork.

He so much believes in hardwork. His great sense of responsibility, drive and determination helped immensely in ensuring success in the state. Quality of work, especially, infrastructure and productivity reflects so much on his hard-working nature. Obiano goes for the best and no wonder, every nook and cranny of the state experienced his achievements on the area of infrastructure.

Hardwork, certainly, is the key to success and Obiano knows that and never joked with it. There were enviable initiatives which helped to improve the revenue of the state. This ultimately, was put to use for the good of ndi Anambra.      

Other traits he possesses are loyalty and honesty. He has been quite loyal to the people of Anambra State. As a human being, he was tempted by some unscrupulous individuals to be funny on the finances of the state but because of his loyalty to ndi Anambra, he did not yield. It’s on record that an infinitesimal number of persons in the state wanted to control him against the wish of the people and he didn’t succumb; rather, he allowed the will of the people to prevail. As far as the people Anambra State are concerned, he is very reliable and dependable.

Civil servants can even attest to that. He was among the few governors that commenced payment of minimum wage to workers. He has neither disappointed workers nor retirees from state government establishments.

Certainly, the pensioners of Anambra Newspapers and Printing Corporation (ANPC), publisher of National Light, Ka Di Taa and other newspapers will never forget Obiano in a hurry. After about 25 years, he ensured that their pension arrears were paid. He has continued the payment till date. It will only take a compassionate heart to do this. He saved a lot of lives through this and the members of families of these retirees will ever be grateful to him.        

Obiano believes so much on merit. No wonder he didn’t appoint any mediocre as commissioner or special adviser in his government. He made sure competent persons were appointed into positions they are qualified to handle. He has a good team and believes in team work which automatically helped his administration a lot.

As a person, Obiano exhibited good example in terms of competence, efficiency and high degree of responsibility. He usually supervises his aides to ensure success. The governor detests dishonesty and once he finds out that any staff is dishonest, he wastes no time to fire the person. He has zero tolerance to this.       

Appearance is another character trait he exhibits. Obiano dresses fine; always looking cute. He carved a niche for himself. He has been consistent on this. He’s never been a pretender as far as dressing is concerned; never told ndi Anambra that he has only one shirt. No way; thus, depicts honesty. Dressing well is a natural phenomenon to him as his mates in college and university can attest. Even civil servants emulate him. Every Wednesday, every worker is expected to put on traditional attire. Some states have copied this.      

Above all, Obiano has abiding faith in God; a true Catholic who lives Christian life. Charity to mankind has been his nature. He donates largely to the less privileged in the society. He often visits charity homes and quietly makes donations for them. He does not discriminate as far as religion is concerned. Whenever any denomination calls him for an event in the church, if he is free, he attends as long as Jesus Christ is preached there.

He has absolute respect for clergymen and has not and will not insult any of them. It’s on record that before he started supporting the candidature of Soludo, he first approached God through prayers and fasting and the rest is history. lt is largely for the love he has for ndi Anambra that he ensured a well nurtured person who understands economy and will do everything possible to continue from where he stopped and even surpass him emerged.  

Therefore, with his enviable virtues– humility, hardwork, honesty, ingenuity and above all, abiding faith in God, Chief Willie Maduaborochukwu Obiano has been able to take Anambra State to higher level. His gift through instrumentality of God to the people of Anambra State, Prof Soludo is expected to take the state to the highest level.

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