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New hybrid COVID-19 detected in UK



…Over 40 cases recorded in 24hrs

ALTHOUGH there are fears that Deltacron has been detected in several countries, virologists at L’Institut Pasteur in Paris submitted its full genomic sequence to the GISAID to show it has officially been confirmed as a variant with at least 41 patients have been identified with Detlacron in the US and Europe.

  Dubbed Deltacron, scientists say it is a hybrid of Delta and Omicron strains.

  According to them, the new strain combines lineages of both variants but it is still unclear whether it is more severe or contagious than its predecessors although World Health Organisation (WHO) said it is “tracking and discussing” Deltacron following research into the strain.

  COVID-19 Technical Lead for WHO, Maria van Kerhove, tweeted that recombinant viruses (which emerge when a person is infected with two variants at the same time) were “to be expected, especially with intense circulation of Omicron and Delta” while analysis of the strain’s genetic code shows that the “backbone” of the variant is derived from Delta, while the spike protein – the part of the virus that attaches itself to human cells – originates from the Omicron variant.

  Scientists have described the variant as “the real thing” and warned its emergence highlights the importance of maintaining genetic surveillance of variants in UK.

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