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Churches without educational plan have failed – Archbishop Ibezim



THE Archbishop Ecclesiastical Province of the Niger and Bishop Diocese of Awka, Most Rev Alexander Ibezim has said that churches without a plan for education has failed the future of the country.   

  Bishop Ibezim said this during the Awka Diocesan Council of Laity Retreat held at St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Agulu.  

  The prelate emphasised that the gathering was to bring to the notice of the lay who were stakeholders of the Church on how the church was being run.   

  Ibezim enjoined them to support the Church on the vision of Renaissance Model Polytechnic geared toward training the youths to be self-employed.   

  He maintained that the school was not for competition but to solve the problem of unemployment and resoluteness of the youths.   

  The prelate pleaded with them to not allow the polytechnic to die but that they should preserve it for posterity.   

  Speaking on a theme: “Urged   The Laity To Be Conscious Of The Time”, not to fall prey to heresies that were trending in society these days .  

  He noted that many of the church members left their faith out of heresy.

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