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Anambra: It’stime for grassroots development



HISTORY is being made today as Anambra State inaugurates a new government to man her affairs for the next four years. The inauguration marks a new dawn as Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo comes in as new governor of the state.

 IT IS a change of leadership that comes with a lot of expectations of brighter future and better life for the people, which is why ndi Anambra are welcoming the new government with high enthusiasm.

  THE expectations are even higher for  Soludo given the fact that apart from being an academic of international repute, he is an erudite professor of economics and with  the required wealth of experience.

  BASED on this, a good number of ndi Anambra  and friends of the state are confident that he will be appropriately abreast with the forces of the interplay of demand and supply and social currents as an economist. This will enable him come out  with the necessary mechanism that will make Anambra traders, industrialists, transporters, manufacturers, farmers, among others excel in their business while also  improving the standard of education, healthcare, roads, among others.

  INTERESTINGLY, there is no doubt that Governor Soludo is coming prepared considering his manifesto, which he entitles ‘Contract with Ndi Anambra’.

  DISCLOSING the content of his agenda during his campaign at Dr. Alex Ekwueme Square, Prof. Soludo said: “This is Anambra people’s manifesto, a contract with ndi Anambra, the one that is envisioning Anambra as a five-star destination to live, to invest, to work, to learn and to relax and enjoy.” He further said his goal was to make Anambra “ a land that any child in it will not have incentive to go to Lagos or Abuja to look for opportunity”.

  TO THE youths, he said, “our youths, we are coming. Have patience, we are coming because it is all going to be jobs, jobs, jobs; wealth creation in your pockets. We should be creating at least, 1000 young millionaires a year and we should be having at least, 130,000 jobs a year in Anambra. We are coming. We have an agenda to create Anambra to be the digital tribe”. He also said that he has women and traders “especially umu boyi (apprentices)” in his detailed plans.

  WHAT more does one need to be convinced that Soludo’s administration in Anambra will usher in grassroots development in the real sense of it. The erudite scholar with huge credentials to emerge a Philosopher King in Agu Awka, has actually established that he is for the grassroots, good governance and for bottom-to-top development.

  INDEED, the word, grassroots does not only refer to people or society at the local level. It is also used to refer to the rank and file members of a political party or the voters themselves.

  LIKEWISE, grassroots development is used to describe the process through which disadvantaged people organise themselves to improve the social, cultural and economic well-being of their families, communities and societies. This concept is based on the premise that the key to sustainable democracies, equitable societies and prosperous economies is a people-oriented strategy that stresses participation, organisational development and networking. Grassroots development is all about community–led development.

  SURELY, Soludo’s government has a lot of promises for ndi  Anambra, especially the youths, women, ndi ahia, ndi olu aka, etc and is  not just ready to deliver but also carry everyone along  just as he stated in his manifesto:  “… I believe in One Anambra, One people, One Agenda. There will be a comprehensive and simultaneous development of all parts of the state.

The principles of personal responsibility and community shared ownership and responsibility will be mainstreamed. I believe in equity and fairness, and will consequently maintain a policy of fair distribution of resources, appointments, and amenities across the state and interest groups, and also fairness to nonindigenes of Anambra. Meritocracy will have pride of place and those who demonstrate that they can add value to ndi Anambra will be given the opportunity to serve.

 I also believe in the interdependence of all arms of government (Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary). Importantly, I believe in ndi Anambra and their ability to work together with me to create the future we all dream about for ourselves and future generations…”

  SIMPLY put, what Anambra’s new governor is saying is that he needs all hands to be on deck. Yes! Even with his educational status, contacts and wealth of experience, he wants ideas, suggestions and active participation of the inhabitants of both the metropolitan and hinterland parts of the state in his government to achieve their desired elevations.

  NATIONAL Light therefore, urges traditional rulers, town unions, women groups, youth organisations, faith-based groups, foundations, civil societies, professional bodies, private individuals and groups  to brace up to support and collaborate with the new administration for a greater Anambra State.

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