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Hope rises for intellectuals, creative



ANAMBRA will no doubt remain a homeland of disruptive intellectuals and writers, and a centre of tourist attraction. This is because aside being a man of profound intellect, the new governor, Prof. Charles Chukwuma  Soludo, has made it clear in his manifesto that his mission is “to transform Anambra State into a liveable and prosperous homeland where one can invest, work, relax and enjoy one’s life to the fullest without any form of harassment or molestation from anyone”.

  To achieve this, he seeks to employ the services of a new set of disruptive thinkers  and new developmental organisations, which according to him, are required if politics must be fixed in Nigeria.”

 Implicitly, the state will also produce more  impressive array of writers and authors since Soludo is himself, a fine and renowned writer both among and outside his yet to be appointed political aides. This is akin to what happened in the First Republic when Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe emerged as the first Nigeria’s Head of State.

    Although Anambra has given Nigeria, Africa, the International Literary Market Place, an impressive array of Creative Writers – Cyprian Ekwensi, Chinua Achebe, Christopher Okigbo, Chukwuemeka Ike, Onuora Nzekwu, Obi Egbuna, Nkem Nwankwo, Ifeoma Okoye, Nathan Nkala, Akachi Ezeigbo, Chimamanda Adichie. The State has little or no political aids of note who became published author within their limited time of appointment with most past governors. But within the past eight years, the State Government have also given Nigeria, the International Literary Market Place, about 20 impressive array of Creative, political and social writers – Sir Chuka Nnabuife, who published and presented three new books, in 2021, James Eze, Prof Kate Omunugha, Emeka Ozumba, Uche Nwora, to mention but a few. Inerestingly, these intellectuals wrote this books within the years they worked with the outgoing governor, His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano.

   As Prof  Soludo takes to the mantle of leadership as governor today, there is a growing belief among Ndi Anambra in general and writers in Anambra in particular that the many neglected aspects of art, especially writing will find viable solution under his watch.   

   In an interview, with National Light, a cross-section of writers in  the State expressed hope that the many ills in the governing of the State in literary and tourist aspects will find viable solution under his watch.

     The President, Society of Young Nigeria Writers (SYWN)

Anambra State Chapter, Izunna Okafor said “It is our fervent hope that Anambra State under the administration of Prof. Soludo will have regard for young writers, as no specific appointee or established ministries have direct relationship with young writers as a whole in the State.” He said .

  Okafor noted that no specific office, appointment or recognition was given to young writers in the state nor was there an established ministry or appointee that has direct relationship with young writers as a whole  in the state.

   “ Anambra is the home of writers. But unfortunately the State only celebrate and takes the glory of the established writers (dead and living) but pave the way for the young ones to come up.

 He called on Prof. Soludo to run an all inclusive government, young writers inclusive..

       Meanwhile, tourists have high hope that  tourism will also flourish since tourism development has been one of the cornerstone ministries in the state  and  providing the needed support will help maximise the state’s tourism potentials. It will also help the government to provide basic social and economic infrastructure. With disruptive thinkers,  policies that provide the enabling environment for the tourism sector to thrive will be promulgated. Again, the eminent lack of interest by financial institutions to lend capital to tourism investors, a significant challenge confronting tourism in the state, and lack of collaboration with the private sector will be solved. Also the renovated and constructed access roads leading to various tourist sites in the state for easy navigation of tourists to and from the tourist sites will be maintained and those to be renovated and constructed will be done. Moreover, the state government will take security more seriously since  tourism cannot thrive in a place where there is insecurity.

       Now that statecraft has been entrusted to  Prof. Soludo, one of the best and most enlightened men in Nigeria, and now that he is searching for human capital to build his state, there is a great expectation that leadership by this extremely erudite, exceptionally intelligent and brilliantly imaginative man will not only bring about a better — just, moral, ethical, prosperous and law abiding Anambra but also make Anambra remain a hub of disruptive intellectuals and will produce an impressive array of writers and authors. The state this time will produce a greater number of public intellectuals and wordsmiths, whose wordsmithing will soar across the globe.

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