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In Anambra new era for
meritocracy, inclusive society



OUR nation, Nigeria, practises democracy, virtually in all levels of governance. However, a closer observation shows that our democracy is mostly effective when an election is on the front burner. In practice, what we see is what Aristotle calls politics of who knows who while defining politics.

  In other words, our present political leaders lack the will to allow the core features of true democracy such as merit, egalitarianism, among others, to thrive. This, consequently results in high rate of inefficiency and decay in public institutions due to the fact that the persons appointed to take the control of the institutions sometimes do not understand the fundamental objectives and problems facing the institutions and lack the prerequisite qualifications to man such institutions. It is here in Anambra that a governor publically did say without missing words that he would work with only people he knows. But this time, Nigerians and the world can see a difference in the new Anambra government.

  For instance, recently social media space was awash with story in which Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo turned down job requests from the town men, directing them to prepare their curricula vitae and wait for when the government would require the same from them and the entire Anambra people. This came on the instance of his emergence as the governor-elect of the state.

  Earlier last month, Nigerians and the world saw a big milestone in the incoming administration in the state when Governor Soludo launched a talent data bank that would enable his administration to reach, select and utilise the potentials of the Anambra citizens and non-citizens residing in the state who are willing to be part of his government. No doubt, this is a new dawn in the annals of political history of the state in particular and Nigeria at large.

  However, a closer observation reveals that many are in a doubt about the sincerity of this move. They feel it might be the usual political gimmickry that characterises the nation’s political system, especially when job recruitment comes up. But what these people fail to understand is that the new Anambra helmsman has a local and common man feeling – aware and against the fake political talks of the Nigerian politicians.

  While presenting his manifesto to the people of the state, Soludo clearly stated that the plan of his administration, “… with smart goals, is based on a deep knowledge of the challenges and realistic assessment of what we can achieve in Anambra State…. They are not the usual political promises. The plan is carefully thought through and costed, and we will aggressively work to mobilize the required resources.”

  The governor continued to tell the world that he was not talking the Nigerian politician’s fake promise as he continues after the November 6, 2021 election to affirm his solemn resolve to transform Anambra into a megacity, which is possible only in meritocracy and egalitarian society, which Nigeria a bit felt when the nationalists like Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, were in control of the nation’s affairs. 

  In a function recently, Soludo said, “Fixing politics requires talents and skills. But these won’t be enough. It won’t happen by lone wolves working in silos.

  “It requires new developmental organisations – teams of believers, driven by defined ideology, purpose and character.

  “Let’s be clear about one point: Nigeria does not lack well educated/skilled … stock of human capital to drive its development.

  “A key missing link is purpose-driven cohesion and organisation for transformation of the homeland,” he said.

The Anambra new governor does not only talk the talks as he has come up with an online data bank for the people of the state who are interested in serving in his administration.

  According to a statement from his transition committee, Soludo “hopes to attract problem-solvers with passion, competence, capacity, and integrity who are interested in joining a team of other selfless public servants to transform Anambra State into a livable and prosperous smart megacity.”

  Undoubtedly, with this, Anambra is heading to not only smart megacity but also egalitarian society, where every person is counted for his worth. Most importantly, this movement cannot be successful with “lone wolves working in silos” as Soludo noted.   Therefore, it behooves every Anambra person and resident to key in to this move both in action and prayers for the Anambra of our dream.     

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