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Soludo: Furthering human course in food security



THE present economy has led to untold inflation in price increment in various products especially food produce. Hence,  the need to make extra provisions to make one of man’s basic needs accessible remains one of the priority outlined in Gov. Soludo Manifesto.

   As highlighted in ‘The People’s Manifesto’, Prof. Soludo took  male time to elucidate the crucial steps in achieving this feat namely; supporting cluster farming across the three Senatorial zones, sustaining collaboration with development partners, investment in research to invent improved varieties of crops and livestock as well as support agro processing and encourage exports.

   Like his predecessor, Soludo aims to better the lives of Ndi Anambra. His aim is to incorporate various agencies and institutions to accomplish the set goals and objectives in making the state a formal, productive and competitive economy.

   How would these mission be accomplished? In actualising the cluster chain agriculture, the necessary steps include, the Herculean approach of cluster farming in the Senatorial zones. Anambra is made up of 3 zones viz,  Anambra North, Anambra South and Anambra Central with the North and South basically being practicable in aspects of agriculture.

   In Gov. Soludo innovative ideation, the complete circle of the various zones involve in inclusive farming system would result to increase of food supplies and reduce price to make it affordable to the layman in the street.

   With Agricultural firms and international agencies eg ADP, FADAMA project, IITA, CAFAN,  etc would accelerate the speed of planting and harvesting

   On a related development, research on improved seedlings and livestock will spur continuous harvest of farm produce.

   Soludo mandate to preach the awareness and appreciate the production of indigenous products in all ramifications is a booster of morale. Hence, it is gainsaying that his ideology and policy implementation to encourage research techniques in agro products. His promise of exportation of Made In Anambra products is a key to advancing the local economy thereby making Anambra a liveable place to stay.

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