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Lagos keen on prompt provision of safe blood



EXECUTIVE Secretary of the Lagos State Blood Transfusion Service (LSBTS), Bodunrin Osikomaiya, has urged organisations involved in the provision of blood and related services to build and sustain quality services for the delivery of safe blood products in Lagos State.

  Speaking recently at the maiden stakeholders meeting with accredited blood logistics service providers held at the LCCI Conference Centre, Ikeja, Dr. Osikomaiya noted that prompt logistics plays a crucial role in the blood supply chain towards meeting the growing needs within the health sector.

  “This maiden stakeholders’ meeting is geared towards highlighting the role of blood logistics service providers, their operations, strength, weakness, opportunities and threats towards ensuring the continued provision of safe blood and blood products in Lagos in line with international best practices”, she explained.

  While pointing out the need to co-opt blood logistics service providers in the overall blood transfusion chain, Osikomaiya stated that prompt supply and transportation of safe blood and allied products for transfusion could not be achieved in a megacity like Lagos without the involvement of blood logistics service firms.

  According to her, there are standards and quality assurance procedures expected of blood logistics service firms in the overall blood transfusion chain to ensure that only safe blood is transfused in the State.

  She emphasised that blood logistics firms must always ensure quality services through validation of cold transport boxes, proper documentation, efficient communication and promotion of voluntary blood donation whilst also maintaining a good relationship with blood banks and health facilities in the state.

  Dr. Osikomaiya said: “The Lagos State Blood Transfusion Service considers the whole process involved in the blood transfusion chain sacrosanct; we intend to eliminate any error that may occur in the blood transfusion chain from the collection, screening, storage, transportation and transfusion of blood and blood products to patients, through top-notch quality assurance procedures and commitment from stakeholders. Blood safety and patient safety is of paramount importance to us”.

  Osikomaiya noted that LSBTS is working with all stakeholders in the blood transfusion chain to achieve its mandate. 

  “We will continue to engage blood logistics service firms on regular basis on safe blood logistics practices and blood transportation to promote the uniform implementation of standards and consistency in the provision of safe blood and blood products for transfusion in Lagos State”, she stated.

  In attendance at the stakeholders meeting were representatives from accredited third-party blood logistics firms, public and private health facilities, Health Facilities Monitoring and Accreditation Agency (HEFAMAA), Lagos State Laboratory Strengthening Technical Working Group, Blood Bank Association of Nigeria (BBSN) and Association of Nigeria Private Medical Practitioners among others.

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