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IFAD value chain re-trains farmers



AGRIC production officer (APO), FGN/IFAD Value chain Development Programme, Anambra State, Emmanuel NwachukwuChukwukwelu has said that their target is to prepare farmers for the new farming season, by showing them proper “best practices” on  how to produce food, and providing them with imputes that has high yields which by adopting our approach, they are bound to come out better.

  According to him, we kept on emphasizing the need to be using our types of seeds that was well treated “you know everything is not a planting material” that was the reason why, we selected some youths amongst those farmers and gave them special training on seed production. At Bida in Niger State, on rice matters. In Umudike, Abia State, through the National Root Service, they were trained on Cassava cottons.

  “These platforms created, help farmers to get the treated imputes different from the one used in the village and by so doing, empowering them in acquiring extra skills, thereby making more money out of it and most of them in some selected L.G.As  are doing good”.

  Mr. Chukwukwelu also said that they included more things to expand the programme for the farmers because the health of the farmers are important to them. “We want them to also plant fruits in their various homes, budded oranges, paw- paw, guava, banana, plantain, they can plant them within their compound, and some chicks not more than ten per farmer and by April, we shall distribute some of these to farmers just for their own consumption, and as a source of vitamins, added to their eating habits”. 

  The APO, advised the cluster representatives to step down the training to their cooperative for all the farmers to be aware so by this planting season, urging them to adopt and practicalise what they were taught because we have average yield of rice in several selected L.G.As.

  He further explained that now Rice is 6 tons, Cassava 30 tons while the expectation is that by next harvest, through the training, Cassava will be 35 tones per hectare, while rice will reach 8 tones as well and we normally take some of the farmers on a learning root to go and see what others are doing and how.

  Extension officer, IFAD Value Chain, Ogbaru L.G.A, Izukanna Francis, noted that he worked with farmers and they are in clusters and there are 11 clusters in ogbaru. “My work is to be updating them on Rice and Cassava, whatever their needs be, they will tell me and I will make it known to headquarter.

 Chairman, one of the cooperative from Atani, UzomaNjoku while commending the training as one of the ways in which the IFAD value chain use to give confidence and make us responsible farmers, said that they cultivate rice and thank them for their magnanimity.

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