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Surveyors pledge to assist Anambra with template, decry attacks on members



AUTHORITIES of the Nigerian Institution of Surveyors (NIS), Anambra State Chapter has pledged to assist Anambra State Government, promising to provide a working blueprint that will enable developers keep to the urban, town and regional plan.

  NIS also decried what they termed unwarranted hostilities on their members in their line of duty especially on both individual and community lands under dispute.

  According to the NIS Anambra State Chairman, Surv.ChukwudiNzomiwu, “NIS has decided to give the Soludo’s administration a template. We need to monitor structures like high-rise buildings, flyovers, bridges to know when there is danger”.

  “Structures that are failing have been our greatest undoing. It is better to dictate and control a faulty situation earlier than to allow it deteriorate or collapse causing loss of lives and property,” said Nzomiwu.

  Nzomiwu who said NIS was also willing to assist the state government in resolving land dispute matters, advised Governor ChukwumaSoludo to make the office of Surveyor General (SG) an extra- ministerial position.

  “The Deputy Governors in all the states have unanimously agreed that each state should make the office of the Surveyor General extra-ministerial. Just like Lagos State, things are moving with ease because the SG’s Office is budgeted for as extra-ministerial”.

  “It is when the office of the SG is budgeted for as extra-ministerial that the services of the surveyors will be optimally utilized. For instance, some construction companies keep destroying water pipes and other utilities without check.

  *If surveyors are employed, they provide a plan and monitor laying of water pipes, electricity and telecommunication network cables. This will checkmate the activities of construction companies that destroy other utilities while installing theirs”.

  Nzomiwu further lamented that surveyors experience hostilities in disputed lands or boundaries causing severe injuries, loss of equipments and even loss of lives, urging community leaders and members to co-operate with professional surveyors.

  Nzomiwu who made the lamentation while presenting a cheque of N500,000 to a spinal cord injury patient whose ailment was estimated by medical experts to cost N20 million, said surveyors also fall victims of farmers.herders clashes.

Nzomiwu who also congratulated Chief Surv.DonatusEnendu and others who attained the zenith status of ‘Fellow’ of NIS, said: “it is a misdemeanor to attack surveyors who are there to solve problems.

  “The surveyor can not lift or steal the land. Surveyors can be invited to solve a problem to enable individuals, community, court deliver Justice to the person who deserves Justice.

  “A surveyor is the only expert witness. A survey plan is verifiable anywhere. When communities fight over land, we come to bring the disputed land on paper for Government to wade in,” said Nzomiwu.

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