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Enugu-Agidi marks Opoto Festival



By Nkechi Ikenwoke

The entire people of Enugu-Agidi in Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra State has celebrated their ‘Opoto festival’ also known as ‘Emume Erimede’ which usually takes place every third month of the year and sets the beginning of their farming season.

The festival which was held in their Eke market square attracted many sons and daughters of the community in diaspora and the home base who came out enmass for this wonderful occasion.

Many masquerades, group of dancers and children seen in their joyful mood were the highlights of the festival.

In an interview, the Patron of the Enugu-Agidi Traditional Worshipers, Ozo Okwudili Oka also known as Ozo Agamaliliaga said many endiginouse people of Enugu-Agidi both home and abroad traveled home to witness the festival as it gives them the opportunity to interact with each other even as people from the neighboring communities visits them to also witness their carnival.

In his words, “It is our cultural heritage from our forefathers. It is a festival to hold before we go into a new farming season. I urge our children to always showcase our culture. We can not start farming without this festival”

“Whoever comes to appease Eke with guinea intention, will get it in return. It provides opportunity to many single men and laddies to get married. This festival helps to bring peace and love, unity and progress in our community. I also pray for more long life and prosperity in our lives”, he said.

Speaking to newsmen during the festival, Ozo Mpiasa (Onowu Enugu-Agidi), and Ozo Chukwuma Nwankwo (Ozo Ezeanawaluimo) discribed it as an avenue for them to appease their forefathers through their culture is exposed to their young ones and prayed for more prosperous years ahead.

One of the sons in the community, Onyekachi Okoye popularly known as Gbafankiti from Ifite Enugu-Agidi said their cultural it is their cultural heritage that brings them together.

“I returned home from Abuja likewise others from Malasia, US, Europe and so on. Our relatives, friends and well-wishers from Abagana, Azia, Awka, Ukpo, Aba, Nogu will all be present here today. It the highest festival we celebrate once in every year more than Christmas. I am very excited to witness this Opoto festival. I pray that we shall all live to witness it again next year”.

Some indegenes present were Chief Osy Okafor, Dr Chidi Okoye also known as Obaze Enugu-Agidi, Chief Kenechukwu Okoye, Onyebuchi Okeke (Nzekanze n’Ukpo), Benson Udegbu, Patrick Ndibe, Ikechukwu Okafor among many others.

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