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How to get rid of double chin



By Josephine Maduakonam

CHIN, according to Oxford Dictionary, is the part of the face below the mouth and above the neck. While the double chin is the common condition that occurs when a layer of fat forms below your chin.

  The causes of double chin are (i) weight gain (ii) Genetics resulting from aging or looser skin.

  To get rid of double chin, do some of the following:


  Sit down and raise your face up lying down straight and facing up. Other instructions and positions should be observed and done in a matter of minutes.

  Open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue with enough force that you can feel your jaw muscles working. Hold your tongue out for five seconds before relaxing to a natural stance. Repeat this for sometime.

  Look up to the ceiling. Keep your head in position and pulses or just chin, repeatedly to feel a stretch in the jaw muscle. Repeat for sometime.

  Eating habit: The type food one eats decreases double chin.

  Go for whole grains instead of refined grain.

  Processed foods should be avoided.

  Fried foods should be avoided.

  Always eat fresh vegetables and fruits

  Eat white meat such as poultry and fish.

  Healthy food should be encouraged such as nuts, Avocados.

  Weight loss: One can lose weight through following and observing faithfully those diet plans prescribed to those that want to lose weight. The combination of both exercises and diet in your daily meals will help you reach your weight loss and the thinning of your face. Consumption of sugar, fats and processed food should be reduced or avoided.

 Other ways to avoid double chin are through laser, liposuction and so on.

  With simple instruction and procedures, you can get the sleek, defined chin you have been longing for.

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