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Citizens’ efforts to rid streets of filth, needed



WITH the coming of the rains and the attendant flooding expected, it is important to mobilise all the necessary measures both individual and communal, to check the float before it comes. Given the geographical nature of Anambra state and the entire South East, flooding and gully erosion are major causes of concern.

The floods that follow the rains are usually ferocious and massive in their flow, their force are aggravated by usual blockages on drainage ways given the filling of debris, filth, and all sorts of things in the sewage channels on the streets and roads. This stuffing of the drains have devastating effects on the roads blocking free flow of  human and vehicular traffic both in the urban and rural areas. Clogged water channels also enable gully erosion which takes huge tolls on the society.

  TOWARDS solution, the new Anambra State government of Professor Chukwuma Soludo has commenced an elaborate program of cleaning the environment and ridding it of debris. This trend of blocking drains have caused a lot of havoc to Anambra but sadly, the trend continues.  The goal is to keep the water ways free, make the streets clean and healthy.

The government flagged off the campaign last weekend in the metropolis of  Onitsha and such neighbouring areas as Ogbaru and Idemili North Local  Council. The program will extend to all local councils of the state. In line with the idea, local government council will not only ensure that drains in their areas are cleared and clean, they should sensitise the rural dwellers regularly,  on the health needs for a sustainable clean and healthy environment.

  IN LINE with the need to sensitise the rural communities, traditional rulers, town development union leaders, community based groups  should join in the mission. It is high time we reinvented the  indigenous Igbo practice of taking communal responsibility of the cleanliness and safety of our environment without folding our hands and waiting for government to do what we, traditionally do, ourselves, the agelong Igbo tradition of villages and towns, coming together regularly to do their clean up, the practice of the town crier beating gongs and ‘ekwe’ to call on people to come out with their brooms, hoes, cutlasses, shovels and baskets to clear pathways, dig catchment pits, clear shrubs and bushes along the roads and water channels to, not only keep a healthy environment but to prevent floods developing into gully erosions in their communities needs to rekindled

  NATIONAL Light appeals to individuals and towns to join the government clean up program. Owners of haulage vehicles such as loaders, tippers among others should join to evacuate the excavated debris and filth from water channels and gutters since if they are not immediately evacuated from the fringes of drains subsequentwould sweep them back into the gutters and render the whole efforts made earlier, useless.

  LOCAL government administrators shouldmobilise their communities to tackle the vital challenge debris and filth since the result will be to their benefit, mostly such gains economic, health, social and cultural.

  NATIONAL Light believes that the Mr Governor’s new plans or healthy environment in both the urban and rural communities. If sustained and effectively supervised by local government councils as well as agencies of the state urban areas towns where huge dumps of garbage have become common sights. It will save the society of hygiene-related and  air-borne diseases health problems.

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