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Group moves to assist Soludo by empowering 200 youths 



By Chris Aghanya

ASSOCIATION of Music, Film Producers And Marketers of Nigeria  (AMUFPMAN), said in Onitsha, Monday, that the group will empower 200 youths of the state to be gainfully employed.

  Chairman, Board of Trustees of the association, Ubaoha Uzoma, made this disclosure while commending the governor for his interest to better the welfare of the people in the state.

  Comrade Uzoma reiterated that the assistance became necessary in view of the need to enable the youths build up their God-given talents, adding that  “majority of the youths die with their God-given talents”.

  “Entertainment industry is the highest employer of labour and we are now on talent hunt. We have many youths out there who we can direct their talents for the better.

  “We want to catch them young and teach them to become stars  with their respective talents. In the entertainment industry, some will major in music as musicians, others in acting as film/movie actors, camera men, film producers, sellers, comedians, magicians, among others”

 “This maiden batch of 200 youths will spend three months to become masters in their respective callings and we go for second batch and it continues that way just to assist the governor who is a promising leader”  

  He noted, “In every family, there is a gifted person but the problem is how to harness such talent for his good and that of his family. With this initiative, we stop those who are into Yahoo, Yahoo, drug addicts and stuffs like that.

  We appeal to Gov. Soludo  to help us in fighting MP3 problem in the entertainment industry. Piracy has become incurable having stayed for over 24 years with us but we will not relent in the war against it.

  “The Western world introduced MP3 because we play better music than them and they brought the MP3 to frustrate us; just like the cable network that displays pornography.

  “With Governor Soludo, we can solve all these problems because the entertainment industry employs more people than oil. We have to look beyond oil now”, he stated.

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