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Attacking local councils: Very sensless



A NEW dimension in the brazen gambits of the so called unknown gunmen phenomenon in the Southeast  is the use of  Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) to raze down buildings and structures in  local government councils. This has happened in various councils across Anambra and Imo States in recent time.

THE vital question is; why this variant of the mischief? Could it be taken to be a way of drawing the attention of the society to nefarious dimension?  Has their supposed angst degenerated to the level of desecrating and destroying public institutions in a bid to strike at the neck of the government to recognise their desperation?

  THIS new modus operandi of the terrorists  which is obviously an attention-seeking escapade should be condemned in strong terms in view of the  vital position of their new targets, local councils, third tier of government in addressing the immediate needs of the people in  the grassroots and rural dwellers. It has no atom of sense if at all the perpetrators have human spirit and conscience. In fact, the motivation for this infamy is still not clear to anyone in the South-East. The people of the zone are always in askance over the unprovoked shootings, killings and wanton destructions.

They are disturbed by the huge economic losses that the weekly Monday ‘sit-at-home insisted on by thehedonistic order from the group causes the economy of the region. Yet, the group has kept impoverishing and harming the people despite the fact that IPoB has already disowned those Igbo-destablising directives such as the Mondays sit-at-home. IPoB has given heed to the passionate appeals of Ohaneze Ndigbo and well meaning Igbo leaders.

This group discountenances all that nothwithstanding, IPoB’s stance. Against the interest of the zone and wellbeing of ndi Igbo, the heady group which could be perceived as ‘fifth columnist’ has set themselves on a missionofdestruction of everything to the detriment of the socioeconomic life of the entire zone. This is utterly reprehensible and condemnable.

  THE local governments in Anambra State that were torched were Nnewi South Local Government Council Headquarters in Ukpor and Aguata Local Government Council Headquarters in Ekwulobia. In Imo State, according to Vanguard reporter, “the unknown gunmen, early hours of Sunday, March 10, 2022, stormed the OrsuLocal Government Headquarters at 02: 50am and bombed it with an Improvised Explosives Devices (IED).

  THE unwarranted invasions of the local government council headquarters caused panic in the affected communities, making the populace to sleep with eyesopen for the rest of the night.

  IT IS important to make a passionate appeal to these disoriented people to rein in whatever may be their grouse against the governments in the entire  South-Eastand realise the monumental havoc  they are causing, as well as the dire implications of their actions.  Do they pause to ponder what the replacement of the government property they have reduced to rubbles will cost? Since it is imperative that those public structures mindlessly razed down and destroyed by the hooded goons have to be replaced for the purpose of continuing to serve the public; and the money that will be expended on them could have been deployed to numerous needs of the society and  to meet the yearnings and aspirations of the people since development is an on-going phenomenon.

GOVERNOR Chukwuma Soludo in his pacifist style of governance has passionately appealed to the aggrieved persons who took umbrage with the government to come forward to the committee for peace- oriented, all  inclusive reconciliation which his government has formed and table their grouse and demands, even as he has solemnly promised to support any of them who would want to learn trade or be indentured so as to have honest means of livelihood. What more could a people-oriented leader do?Thisinitiative waves an olive branch for peace and tranquility to reign  in the state.

  IT IS also important to inform the hooded hoodlums that destroying public infrastructure is an evil wind that blows no good for any one because in one way or the other, the people disenfranchised by the actions in their sober disposition or their siblings and loved ones may one day want to make use of the public facilities that have been mindlessly destroyed in an orgy of misplaced aggression against the state.

  GOVERNOR Soludo who hinges his leadership on the fear of God, arranged for a prayer session to solicit divine intervention to turn the hearts of the misguided elements to embark on  soul searching and realise that the present government in the state is prepared to cater for the needs and genuine aspirations of all and sundry. He needs the corporation of everybody to recalibrate the governanceof  the state for a state-of-the art- module that will factor all the sectors to assuage their age-long deep yearnings and aspirations.         

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