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Int’l students face hunger in Canada



INTERNATIONAL students in Canada are having a tough time feeding presently.

  According to reports, the students face hunger because of the increased prices of food items in the country.

  Many students, reportedly, go hungry to class because they cannot afford to buy needed food items.

  It was gathered that students now subscribe to eating only food they can afford, not necessarily the most healthy choices.

  Christine Balogun, an international student from Nigeria studying at Conestoga College, laments about how tough it has become to access affordable food.

  “I used $25 to buy a few items of food that I could have used to buy double of the items before now,” she said.

  “Food is an essential part of life. Students need to eat well for proper growth and development. As it is now, I eat whatever food that comes my way, I cannot eat what I desire because of the increase in the prices of food items,” said Balogun.

  Some international students have also had a challenge finding supporting jobs because of the weather condition in Canada.

  Alfred Blessing, an international student at the University of Waterloo studying Agricultural Science, has found new ways of making food available to him despite the price increase.

  “Based on my knowledge, I sensed that there could be an increase in the prices of food items. So, I have ventured into gardening. Presently, I have some crops growing in my garden.

  Not all international students can have a garden. Alfred was just fortunate to have because he is currently studying agricultural science.

  “I don’t have garden; it is not even in my plan. This season will soon be over”, said Balogun.

  The increase in the price of food items is becoming unbearable for some international students.

  “Many of them are living from hand to mouth now, no jobs to support ourselves. You can imagine I bought one pack of sliced  bread for $5; it’s too outrageous,” said Balogun.

  However, international students studying in Canada accept the challenges for an opportunity to attain their dreams.

  “I can feel the pains of other international students, but despite that, I am grateful to be in Canada studying. I am fulfilling my dreams,” Blessing  said

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